Sharia Hysteria

Featured rally photo is from London on February 3, 2006, an angry protest over the publication of cartoons regarded as insulting to the Prophet Muhammad. As many as 300 Muslims participated in the rally. Why doesn't RT explain this rally, when where and why?  This is deception. BAD RT!

WTF  RT News! They have been promoting anti-Muslim hate propaganda ever since the Norway massacre! Today I find the first page online FULL of this "Sharia law in bid to conquer London" [hahaha!]. No Muslim is asking for Sharia to be imposed on non-Muslims, especially in non-Islamic countries. The criminal laws of Sharia cannot be imposed on anyone outside the jurisdiction of Islamic court. What Muslims are applying is personal and family laws amongst themselves that best fits their needs (such as family inheritance rights etc) . Has nothing to DO with non Muslims. Muslim are subject to the same laws and constitution as the citizens of the host non Muslim country.

Where there is a mosque, Muslims will, according to city ordinance, rightfully demand their area within the legal perimeter be free of bars, liquor stores and brothels. Is that alot to ask?  For a church the same rule applies. What the holy hell is wrong with people?

If there are too many Muslim immigrants and this is actually what is bothering people, then as I always say:
 Stop the western occupation of Muslim countries! That includes Palestine.  There have been millions of refugees created by western military attacks and interventions in the Middle East. Palestinians dispersed all around the world with the Zionist invasion. Lebanon, Iraq, Libya.

I also wonder...why does RT continue to attribute the Norway massacre to Muslim immigration without mentioning the not irrelevant fact that the camp of kids is part of the BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction aparthied Israel) movement?  That is also deception. Now the immigration issue has escalated into the scar-ee Sharia Law issue which RT is promoting.  Don't people have enough to think about as their governments are screwing them with the economy? Could it be this Sharia law ruckus is meant to be a distraction?

 Below:  photograph taken at a Muslim protest rally outside the Danish embassy in London on February 3, 2006, and are contrary to what is suggested in the text the event was not billed as a "Religion of Peace demonstration." It was an angry protest over the publication of cartoons regarded as insulting to the Prophet Muhammad. As many as 300 marchers participated.  300 Muslims in 2006. So...old protest photos of a few hundred pissed off Muslims to make the claim that London is under Islamic siege. Emailed photos show Muslims brandishing signs advocating violence against anyone who insults Islam at a purported 'Religion of Peace demonstration' in London


  1. A lot of the wild Moslems work for the spooks.

    - Aangirfan

  2. At first I thought the signs were photoshop. What people in their right minds are going to stand in the street and threaten the very state they live in? But you're right, they were paid to be there.
    "behead those who insult Islam" ? Pah-leez.


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