Video: Madawi Rashid On Saudi Regime

Ikhras اخرس
Dedicated to Throwing the Proverbial Shoe

We were thinking about James Zogby‘s propaganda work for the Saudi regime, and the other Arab-Americans in Washington who kowtow to oil-princes in the Arab Gulf states, pose as “experts” on the Arab world, and maintain friendly relations with the Arab embassies. Those interested in learning about the horrific, American-sponsored Saudi regime should ignore Zogby and the other Arab clowns in Washington who are either ill-informed, busy hosting the ignorant “Shakes” at their banquets and galas, or both. Madawai Rashid is a professor of Social Anthropology at the department of Theology and Religious Studies in King’s College London. She was born in the Saudi family-ruled Arabian Peninsula and is one of the world’s leading experts on the Saudi regime.

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