Erdogan drives toward armed clash with Israel. Oil and gas at stake

Little brave David/Israel on the defensive again
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan this week coolly moved his country step by provocative step towards an armed clash with Israel – not just over the Palestinian issue, but because he covets the gas and oil resources of the eastern Mediterranean opposite Israel's shores.
Thursday night, Sept. 8, he announced that Turkish warships will escort any Turkish aid vessels for Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. In his remarks to Al Jazeera television, the Turkish prime minister also said he had taken steps "to stop Israel from unilaterally exploiting natural resources from the eastern Mediterranean."
He did not say what steps he had taken. However, for some time now, he has moved mountains to isolate Israel by drawing a double diplomatic noose around it.
If Turkish ships breach the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza, which a UN report last week pronounced legitimate under international law [yes, yes... Yids can pull of anything, we know], Erdogan will become the first Muslim leader to embark on military action in the Palestinian cause. The Arab nations which fought Israel time after time in the past will be made to look ineffectual and the Turkish leader the regional big shot. Even Iran would be put in the shade for never daring to provoke Israel the way Turkey has.
The Turkish prime minister clings to the belief that the foremost Arab powers, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which have been watching his maneuvers with deep suspicion, will have no choice but to play ball with him now that he has confronted Israel. The first crack in the Arab ice came about Thursday, Sept. 8, in the form of Egyptian consent to join the Turkish Navy in sea maneuvers in the eastern Mediterranean.
Erdogan plans to send his warships into this water for two missions:
1. To split the Israel's small Navy into two heads – one for sustaining the blockade against Gaza and one for safeguarding the gas and oil rigs opposite its shores.
2.  To scare Israel into the full or partial stoppage of its offshore oil and gas operations , thereby robbing it [the pot calls the kettle black] of energy power status and substantial economic gains. Erdogan is determined never to let Israel overshadow Turkey in the regional stakes and will put a stop to the Jewish state's progress – even if military aggression is called for.
Debkafile's military sources report that the Turkish prime minister is resolved to corner Israel into an inescapable military confrontation [--yawn---Israel/David and Goliath/everybody else] . It might not happen at once or even within a week, but it will happen a lot sooner than many Israeli politicians and military chiefs imagine because he is using Israel as his ticket to regional prestige.
Erdogan is driven to assert Turkey's importance additionally by the way he was shouldered aside in Libya. Ankara invested heavily in its support for the Libyan rebels. But when British, French, Jordanian and Qatari [Zionist puppets] special forces stormed Tripoli on Aug. 21 and overthrew the Qaddafi regime, Turkey was left behind and forgotten in the heat of the action.
From Ankara, the Turkish leader watches the sharing out of Libyan oil as the spoils of war [outloud?] among the Western powers and Qatar as an outsider.
Since he can't pluck up courage to intervene in Syria, he has plumped for seizing eastern Mediterranean natural resources to elevate Turkey's standing
. Not only will he snatch the treasure out of Israel's hands [the thief is paranoid over his loot] but no less important, he will challenge his country's traditional rival Greece [Zionist puppet regime] whose military ties with Israel are growing stronger.
As for Washington, Erdogan is counting on President Barack Obama's backing in a military clash with Israel. [LOL] Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are less confident of US support [LOL] . This gives Turkey an edge in a conflict – the cost of the passive military policy pursued consistently by Israeli leaders in the face of security threats.
The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will also suffer if Turkey and Israel come to blows by being overshadowed. [Of course, drag in the Palestinians.]

Who knows what this really is anyway. Probably disinfo for another purpose other than the usual Zionist upside down logic..


  1. Damn Genie! You finished the whole Laurel Canyon series in under 2 hours? Whew.

    Apparently all the Jewish surnames are invisible to Mr. Mcgowan, but his work is *so* good it's a forgivable offense. You really ought to read The Pedophocracy
    and There's Something about Henry

    It's helpful to know McGowan when you hear people banging on about satanism, brainwashing, and human trafficking. He also debunks the moon landing, and here's a little something he wrote on Sept. 12th, 2001.

    I do enjoy your blog, btw :)

  2. Blammo, that topic was right up my alley, once I got to the website I never left the computer untill I read the whole thing! The Look Out Mountain and the people who had special clearance, like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra ( I think I remember he was one). The strange biographies of people like Frank Zappa and Dennis Hopper and generally the inhabitants of Laural Canyon. I stayed in Laural Canyon once with a writer friend of mine for a summer so it makes it all the more eerie.
    Thank you for bringing me more links and for visiting my blog, I was trying to find out if you had a blog so I could discuss what I read so I am doubly glad for your visit:-)

  3. I had a theory about Turkey's current foreign policies I wanted to ask your opinion about. I think what Turkey is up to today is some kind of rise of ottoman empire, Turkey plans to place NATO's fast alarming radar in its soil, which is a move against Iran, but on the other hand, it opposes Israel while that radar could possibly help Israel with missile threats from Iran. Turkey wants to connect the Islam world to west which Turkish PM once said officially, but they are doing it in a weird way, Turkey seems to be wanting to take Iran's place which is leadership of muslim world against zionists by meddling in Syria's internal affairs to weaken Iran's influence in middle east,and posing a threat to Iran's missile capabilities' superiority with placing NATO's radars. And in meanwhile, Turkey hopes to gain support from muslim world with opposing Israel, vowing legal action against Israel, threatening Israel with sanctions, cutting all military ties with Israel, kicking out Israel's ambassador, giving deadline to Israeli politician to leave Turkey and such.
    But anyway, I really admire Turkey's policies towards Israel, I applaud in fact, but NATO's radars in Turkey don't really prevent missile attacks from Iran according to the commander of Iran's central air defense base Khatam Anbiya. The reason why Iran's having major air drills in Tabriz now, near Turkey's borders is because of Turkey's plan to host those radars. Russian envoy to NATO thinks NATO is planning an attack on Iran, whether realistic or not, Iran's taking it seriously, and is having war games to be ready to launch a total strike against Europe in case of NATO's offensive moves.

  4. Well Erdagon has certainly outdone Ahmadinejad lately where dissing Israel is concerned! Thanks for your insights, Shervin. Afraid I don't have my own opinions on such matters. Debkafiles still harping on Turkey's war provocations with Israel. Erdagon pounding his chest on Israel's mountain is a no no! Wonder what these "bad boys"...Israel, Iran and Turkey are heading into.


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