Israeli forces abduct 5 Palestinian boys in Gaza

Someone came behind me and read this article as I was reading from the Pal Telegraph site  and commented "they [Israel] should get a 9/11". I replied "they don't get them, they give them."

If Israel shares our values, if Israelis are so much like us,  how is it they can abduct people and children at random and answer to no one? The truth is, they are not like us. They are not of the civilized world. They are frauds on so many levels.

Raping, murdering, torturing, organ stealing  IDF

Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)-An Israeli special unit abducted yesterday evening five Palestinian boys from an area in the north of Khan Younis, southern Gaza Strip.

Witnesses told local sources that members of the unit infiltrated through Sriag gate amid intensive and indiscriminate fire at civilians' houses, abducted the boys, and took them to unknown locations.

Witnesses added that the incursion caused a state of panic among civilians in fear of being hurt by Israeli fire.

Israeli army didn’t provide any explanation about the incident.


  1. Hey Genie,...That's it right there! I was thinking about it just yesterday, evidence of israhell's involvement is that israhell has never been attacked! Fuck the cocktail-bar bombers (years ago now) and the bottle-rockets, everyone knows they fire those 'Penny Fizzers' at themselves; well, the dirty unkempt suburb where the black african yids and poor ME yids are forced to live, Sderot, none of them explode anyway, wonder why? No explosive charges packed inside!

    The work on this page as I view it is amazing, the Ball Masque Gif, the shrew lehtinen piece, and the child-molester main body article - EXCELLENT!!

    Your work is essential to the cause, Bravissimo!


  2. Thanks V! You're right, most of what happens to "Israelis" comes from the same thug Zionists who "holocausted" them during WW2. When will they get it?

  3. Hey Genie,...When we give it to them!



  4. It's always a lot sad to hear Palestinians are abducted by Zionists. I would rather to be killed than abducted if I were in a war... we can only pray for those +50,000 Palestinians in Israel's prisons.

  5. I agree, Shervin. This little news piece, just 2 paragraphs carries so much weight because this incident spells I-S-R-A-H-E-L-L. What legitimate military or police goes around abducting boys? This is Israel showing their free will to do whatever they want, commit crimes at will and they don't have to explain it to anyone. They have been doing it for 63 years since they invaded Palestine. They are sick and they are devils. I don't know why this evil thing befell on the poor Palestinians. All those Palestinians in prison, as you say. My great and wonderful USA can't go and give them liberty and justice? No, we pay the devils.

  6. Yep, I wonder why I don't get an email when you reply.


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