Dozens of Israelis questioned at length upon landing in Turkey

 ha ha ha! The Turks are getting even for the humiliation of people from the Turkish flotilla..GOOD

[Well, Turkey needs to know if there's a CIA-MI5-MOSSAD psychopath in the group, waiting to carry out a(nother) false flag.]
Fuck Israelis, they are the experts at serial humiliation
Some 40 Israelis on board a Turkish Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul were separated from the rest of the passengers upon arrival in Turkey on Monday and were questioned at length by Turkish police, marking a highly unusual event against the backdrop of a deepening diplomatic crisis between Turkey and Israel.

Turkish police took the Israelis' passports upon arrival and questioned each person individually in an investigations room. Only after prolonged questioning did the Israelis receive their passports back and were freed to go.
Several passengers on a different flight that passed through Turkey on its way to Israel from Thailand told Army Radio that they were also treated in a humiliating manner at the Istanbul airport.
"They made me undress to only my underwear. A woman officer did it, but she wasn't particularly gentle. It reminded me of stories my grandma told me of her past," Alina, one of the passengers recounted.
"After the examination, she threw my clothes to the side and told me to get dressed. I was escorted out of the room and then we were told we cannot sit down – they made us stand in the corner without allowing us to use the restroom. We did not have our passports and we had no idea what is happening.
Foreign Ministry officials said in response that the event is highly unusual and serious, and said that many of the Israeli passengers called the Foreign Ministry and said they felt fear during the questioning. The Foreign Ministry turned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry and demanded an explanation, however the Turks said they were not familiar with the incident.
"At this time it looks like a local initiative of police in Istanbul, but we are still looking in to the event and mostly trying to understand what was the character of the investigation," said a Foreign Ministry official.
Officials in Ankara said in response that Turkish tourists were harassed in Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport on Sunday evening, hours before the incident at Istanbul's airport the next morning.
A group of Turkish tourists, who arrived in Israel for the holiday of Ramadan and visited Jerusalem, said that when they arrived at the airport, Israeli security personnel delayed them for several hours and ask them for personal details, including their phone numbers, email addresses, and marital status.
"They checked our luggage numerous times and later conducted a full body search. They made us undress to our underwear and also patted down all the women in separate rooms – only the Turkish passengers underwent such an examination," said one of the tourists.
According to the passengers, their flight was delayed due to the prolonged examination of the Turkish tourists' luggage, and the group's guide said that Turkish tourists were treated differently by Israeli security officials than the other tourists.
The Israel Airports Authority said in response that they are unaware of any out of the ordinary security checks that were carried out on the Turkish passenger
The recent crisis in Israel-Turkey relations deepened after the UN-commissioned report on the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid was leaked to the New York Times, foiling a last-ditch effort to patch up relations between the two countries. Turkey then announced a series of measures against Israel, beginning with the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador and the downgrading of bilateral relations to the level of second secretary.

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  1. I positively LOVED this story!

    Did you know, apparently there is an agreement between American and Israel that Israelis, generally speaking, do not have to be put through the same hullabaloo that anyone else does when entering the US? INCLUDING Americans?

    Of course, this courtesy goes one way only unless, one is a Jew returning to live in Israel.

    SO-oooooooh! I loved this one. I wish a few of them had had the pleasure of an anal probe.....

    On a more serious side, however, I am not too excited about what is going on between Turkey and Israel. I feel it to be a dog and pony show because the two countries are VERY tight on almost all other levels. There is a HUGE military connection. A HUGE business connection. I mean huge.

    Turkey was "zionized" without anyone knowing it over a hundred years ago. I once thought Erdogan was just the cat's meow for his standing up to Israel as he did, but he has proved a disappointment as he assists Israel in the hamstringing of Syria for attack by NATO.

    One of Turkey's biggest problems over the centuries is that it has been neither fish nor fowl. It has craved becoming part of Europe but been denied so for all that time because Europeans consider it a Muslim country. Turkey has now aligned itself to the European/Israeli team and is putting forth a false face to the Muslim world.

    So, a few Israelis being detained is funny.... but hardly a dint in the truth of the matter. I truly believe it to be for show, not that the "victims" are aware of this. How sincere is Turkey about apologies? Not at the cost of billions of dollars of business serious, I can guarantee it.

    Deep inside a little voice screams,
    "Diversionary tactic!"


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