Turkey’s Erdogan: “Israel” West’s Spoiled Child, Obstacle to Middle East Peace

Spoiled child, is that what it's called? Erdogan is so lame sometimes.

(via) naderlibrary.com
Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says "Israel" is "the West's spoiled child" that has always disregarded decisions made by the international community.
The Turkish premier, who is on his "Arab Spring" tour, said in a speech addressing the members of the Arab League in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on Tuesday that Israel "has never executed a decision by the international community to this day," the New York Times reported. He also stressed that the mentality of the "Israeli" government serves as an obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Erdogan called on the Arab League ministers to vote for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations this month, saying the recognition of "the Palestinian state is the only correct way."
He added that recognizing Palestine as a sovereign state at the UN is "not a choice but an obligation."

"Let us raise the Palestinian flag and let that flag be the symbol of peace and justice in the Middle East," he said.

Erdogan also repeated his call on "Israel" to apologize and pay financial compensation to the relatives of the victims of a deadly Israeli attack on a Gaza-bound flotilla in 2010, which killed nine Turkish activists and injured dozens more people.

Erdogan's "Arab Spring" tour began on Monday and includes plans to visit Libya and Tunisia in addition to Egypt.

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