A Dangerous Life

By J. B. Campbell
Life has become dangerous for us all, thanks entirely to the Jews.  They’ve put us, the living, into deadly danger.  Millions of others haven’t been so lucky, because they’re already dead.  Dead at the hands of Jewish Capitalism and Jewish Communism.  Dead at the hands of the Bush family war machine.  Millions of Bush victims since 1991, not to mention the Wilson, Roosevelt/Truman, Eisenhower, Johnson and Nixon dead.  Mass murder always has behind it a Jewish purpose.  Mass murder is good for the Jews. 

The hopeful changeling now admits there is a star chamber, a death panel, operating in the White House, that decides which Americans can and should be assassinated. 

We’re pretty sure that we’re on a list.  The Jews have been making their lists and checking them twice.  Everyone’s naughty and nobody’s nice.  The big wipeout, the population reduction down to 500 million, is the only way that the Jews can think of to remove all opposition.  Even if they could realize that impossible dream, they’d keep killing the survivors because that’s all they know to do.  They can’t build anything other than A-bombs and plagues.  They can’t do a lick of work and they’ll kill you if you do.  They are the destroyers.

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