For America it's Camp Palewitz

The FEMA camp (below) looks like Auschwitz and Palestine in one. Palewitz. These prisons, these camps and check points, including TSA, bear one and the same signiture. The WW2 Zionist "holocaust", Zionist occupation of Palestine, Zionist occupation of the  US government. US military under Jew authority kill and imprison Muslims all over the world. Israel and Zionism belongs to Rothschild. And now they're here for us. It's safe to assume the worst since we know our government is not for the people by the people. If we're in denial, well, they are banking on it. The "war on drugs" is corporate. The "war on terror" is corporate. Popular Mechanics Magazine attempts to debunk the FEMA camps just as they did the 9/11 truth but they are corporate (Hearst Corporation which is heavily into war profiteering). If Popular Mechanics says the FEMA camps don't exist then they really do exist, and for them to deny the very existence of FEMA camps can only mean that not only do they exist but there is a sinister purpose behind it.
“If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the night.”
― Angela Davis

FEMA camp

one of the Zionist check points in Palestine




  1. Hey...I've been there! It is just like the woman sez...only now it is completed. All they need now is people.

  2. Hey Timster,
    I was watching the Auschwitz video and thinking the FEMA camps should be visisted by tourists the same way they see Auschwitz. Here is a link to find out FEMA camps locations state by state. People should go by the busloads and keep on coming.

  3. And reading about the various locations, I notice these camps are generally located where there are railroad tracks.

  4. Wow Genie, thanks for pointing all this out here. I will definitely sit down and go through this info. Let me say this loud and clear: I will not be going quietly into the night (or a FEMA Camp). :)

    That is a great sign that dude made! "Humanity vs. the Rothschilds"...very well put. I think he spelled Rothschilds wrong though...that's OK. We get what he means! LOL!

    Did you meet this guy? Or just found the pic?

  5. I think this guy with the Rothschild sign is in NYC but I found it at the ADL website!
    I was describing to my husband the FEMA camp that's in the video...he says to me: "not even a homeless will go in during a hurricane"...LOL! You bet, I would die fighting before I went in there! But they are sneaky. Look how it happened to the Palestinians. The Zionists just herd them into smaller and smaller areas and then wall them in. They can leave but it gets harder and harder to get back in. The Zionists just want them out so they can move in and take their place. There isn't much more space for the Palestinians to stand on, and even there they get shot, bombed and terrorized. The way the Jews orchestrated the WW2 holocaust worked perfectly too. I say we had better not wait to find out how they plan to do whatever it is they plan to do till they start it. I'd say we should assume the worst and get them out first.


If you sit by a river long enough, you'll see the body of your enemy float by.
Old Japanese proverb