Israel Bombs Gaza again

Personally, I think Israel shoots missiles at themselves...look at the statistics and it's always a win for them. Judging by Israel's pathetic little history in the Middle East, it's proof against them that they are cursed with criminal insanity.

27 October 2011
Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - Israeli warplanes fired several missiles at three different locations in Khan Younis, south of the Gaza Strip, early Thursday shattering a relative calm that has prevailed throughout the Gaza Strip for two months, according to witnesses.

No one was reported hurt in the raids.
The missiles, said the witnesses, hit open areas in Khan Younis and a container on the town's fishing pier destroying it. Another raid on Deir al-Balah, in the central Gaza Strip, targeted a Hamas training base, also without causing any injuries.

Israel claims that the strikes came after three Grad missiles fired from Gaza fell in areas in southern Israel Wednesday night, without causing any damage, but only panic.
No party took responsibility for the missiles, the first in over two months.

While Hamas does not allow missile firing from Gaza, Israeli press reports claimed Hamas was recently able to smuggle into Gaza advanced Russian missiles looted from Libyan military warehouses.

In another development, Israeli navy ships intercepted two fishermen on the Gaza shores, detained them and impounded their boat, said security sources in Gaza.

Israeli attacks on Gaza kill 9 Palestinians

Sunday, 30 October 2011 06:35

Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)- Two Palestinians were killed Sunday at dawn in Israeli airstrikes on Ansar area, west of Gaza city.
Death toll reached nine in less than 12 hours.
Medical sources confirmed that the two victims identified as Suhail Jundia, 26, and Murdi Hajjaj, 18, from al-Shujaia neighborhood, were moved to Asshifa hospital after being attacked by Israeli air forces.
According to local sources, Israeli warplanes carried out several airstrikes targeting different sites in Khan Younis town and eastern Gaza city.
Israeli bombing inflicted great damage to Palestinian properties and created a state of panic among civilians who were asleep on that time.
Seven Palestinians were killed yesterday in two separate airstrikes in Rafah city, southern Gaza Strip.
Israeli military officials told that they would continue to bomb Gaza Strip in response to Palestinian rocket attacks that killed one Israeli and injured six others in Ashkelon [Ethnically cleansed 23,192 days ago] region.
However, Palestinians attempted to lunch homemade rockets at Israeli settlements as an act of self-defense.


  1. Hey Genie,...It is a well known FACT among sane humans that the freak alien shit-hogs from hell, ALWAYS bomb themselves, actually they only bomb a couple of shit-hole suburbs where black african jooz and arab jooz live, Ashdod and Yavneh, TRULY!

    Of the "THOUSANDS" of (BS!) rockets; no fatalities have EVER been recorded, they say that some fat old yid bitch died of a heart attack as a result of a rocket attack - as if that fucker had a heart! NO, I hate these fuckers and want them ALL dead, I wish thousands of rockets would rain down on these filthy parasites!

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  2. Hey V,
    Well, you said it. brother:-)
    For those zombie Israel supporters, I wish if they would just once do the math. As for the zombie Israelis who still think it was the Nazis who plotted against them in their homeland and now the Arabs acting against them because they are squatting on Arab land, they also need to do the math. Then they should repent or be executed.


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