A Telegram from The Chairman of the Libyan Constitutional Union, Mohammed Ben Ghalbon, to Colonel Gaddafi

Herzl’s Young Zionist Group of Benghazi (1940s)
I am going to introduce this telegram with an excerpt written by Mohammed Ben Ghalbon at a previous time which will put the latter into context.

Mohammed Ben Ghalbon
Chairman of the Libyan Constitutional Union

29 July ‏2005
It is no longer a secret that the Libyan Jews’ right for compensation was among the conditions for accepting Libya’s return to the international fold and granting Gaddafi and his heirs a new and long-lasting lease to rule Libya. (Ref: Statement by the U.S. assistant secretary of State for Near and Eastern affairs William J. Burns before the U.S. House of Representatives’ International Relations Committee on March 16, 2005:

http://wwwc.house.gov/international_relations/109/bur031605.htm )

With the Lockerbie compensation still fresh in the mind, it is easy to picture the return of the Libyan Jews and the result of negotiations for compensation, particularly since it is now an established fact that Gaddafi will agree to all that secures continuity of his reign.

However, this is not what really worries us. We are concerned about a far greater matter. When the survival of a particular regime becomes dependent on satisfying a minority of its citizens. A minority that happens to be a well-trained and a tightly knit community [Zionist Jews] that enjoys a completely advantaged standing with the superpower that is exerting the pressure and holds all the pieces. To have this minority’s interests, as they alone desire them, as a condition to allowing the entire nation back to the international fold, would undoubtedly lose the regime its decision-making power and the nation (with its infrastructure in complete ruins) its political and economical independence. This will also lead to a state where that minority is elevated to the elitist status within the society.
28 February 2011 Telegram to Colonel Gaddafi
 The threats you made to push the country into a civil war and turn it into an inferno, is the very same fate the mainly American Zionist CIA officers who control America’s relationship with Libya, have been planning for decades.  The plan is a punishment of the Libyans for read: what happened to the Libyan Jews in groundwork for the 1967 war  By detailed study of your personality, the agency has always employed you to prepare the ground for their shocking plan.  They used knowledge of your character in literally devilish fashion to operate you to carry out what they want without you ever suspecting the plots.  On the contrary, they have always made you believe that your actions were crucial for your personal benefit or for the good of the country.  Now the opportune conditions have materialized, according to their assessment, to take the final step to complete the wicked plan.  The final step was slipped to you recently by Tony Blair (the very close friend of Israel), according to the statement made by your son Saadi to the writer and commentator David Owen last Friday.  Blair let slip in his conversation with you that NATO was preparing to invade Libya.  This drove you to open wide the doors of the arms and ammunition stores to the tribes believing that they will be defending the country.  
Wake up, halt your actions and disappoint the schemers.  Do not be the instrument for executing their plans and punishment.  Beware you and your sons and tribe not to be recorded in history as the tools employed by the Zionists to turn Libya into an inferno in punishment for their departure from it and denial from its wealth.
[Gaddafi did dissappoint them so NATO and their hired thugs did the job themselves and executed Gaddafi and as many of his sons as they could locate and target.]
The video below I found at http://veritas6464.blogspot.com/2011/10/farrakhan-ghaddafi-and-libya-this-says.html,(thanks,V!) in the very last part of the video Farrakhan speaks of Gaddafi's mistake of taking friends with the Zionists and how they tricked and betrayed him.

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