Remembering Vittorio Arrigoni

The situation in Gaza told from beyond the grave.

This film follows Italian human rights activist Vittorio Arrigoni as he campaigns for the fishermen of Gaza.
Arrigoni was a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) committed to resisting the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land using non-violent methods.

In the film he relates his experience of Israel's war on Gaza and explains why he chose to visit and live in Gaza in the first place.

On Friday April 15, 2011 a criminal group with ties to the Israeli
Mossad and Saudi intelligence abducted and executed 36 year old
pro-Palestinian Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni. This cowardly execution came at a time of Israeli military escalation
against Gaza. Such escalation was intended to let Israelis practice their
favorite habit of killing Palestinians, re-establish awareness about its
might, intimidate the resistance, and send a bloody message to
international activists that Israel will repeat itself if any new
vessels sail to Gaza.

The direct result of this attack was to declare:
-- Gaza is not a safe place
-- Palestinians are not faithful to those who support them
-- Islamic values and Islamic humanity are questionable

His blood fell on the soil of Gaza, which makes him a
true Palestinian martyr. In the long history of this struggle, thousands
of Palestinians have been killed at the hands of collaborating Arabs and
Palestinians to benefit Israel. This film was made before his death.

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