Settlers Stone Elderly Palestinian Lady

Palestine, (Pal Telegraph) - A group of Jewish settlers Monday stoned an elderly Palestinian lady as she was picking olives in Mukhmas, a village southeast of Ramallah in the West Bank, according to local sources.
The 80-year-old woman was reported to be injured in the head and transferred to hospital for treatment.
Settlers have escalated their attacks on Palestinians, especially farmers, since the beginning of October to coincide with the olive picking season, a time of great significance to the Palestinian community.
All the Palestinian families in the West Bank need to get the permission from the Israeli army to enter the Jewish settlement area to harvest their own olive trees on land stolen by occupying  Jews.


  1. The ghouls smell the scent of happiness, life, fresh natural food and honest industry. They are compelled to steal and destroy what is honest and good, especially if they can steal and offer sacrifice to their dark god at the same time.

    Age means nothing when a target comes into sight. Just animals right?

    They are psychopathic neanderthal schmucks.

  2. The invader Yiddish swarmed into Palestine like locust and consumed the Jaffa orange industry, the Dead Sea industry and tourism industry leaving the Palestinians to be the beggars in their own native country.


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