Syria Not to Surrender, Will Remain Resistance’s Milestone

Head of the "Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc" MP Mohammad Raad stressed Hizbullah's stand by Syria and its people who embraced the people of the resistance along the years of "Israeli" aggression."

"Those who conspire against Syria are thwarting the reforms to which they raise slogans," he added noting that "they are the same people who collaborated with "Israel" and the United States during the 2006 July war led by Israel," Raad confirmed.

 He further noted that "we will not forget the money that those people paid to provide the enemy with cluster bombs and we will not forget that they stole the money of the nation."

"Thanks to Syria's resistance and steadfastness to the resistance's track their projects failed," he emphasized.

Addressing a Syrian women delegation, Raad stressed that "those calling Syria to open its Golan borders understand nothing of great strategies."

"The great strategies of those raising the slogans of "Lebanon First, Iraq First, and Egypt First" are set by our enemies," he viewed emphasizing that "without Syria and its strategic vision, Lebanon would not have persisted."

"Syria's strong with its people's will and the wisdom of its leadership and it will remain a milestone that protects nation's affairs and glory," Raad concluded.

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