We need a new Jewish policy because the Jews are taking us to war once again.

pay no attention to the Jew
behind the curtain!

This is nothing new. The Jews took us to war in 1917. Chaim Weizmann and his cronies in America (Frankfurter, Brandeis, Baruch and Untermayer) blackmailed Woodrow Wilson into a declaration of war against Germany and almost got us into their League of Nations. Over ten million people died.
Those same Jews along with Jacob Schiff used the American president to wage total war on the Russian people by sending Trotsky-Bronstein to St. Petersburg to join forces with Lenin-Ulyanov to destroy Russia. Scores of millions of people died.
FDR and his Jews (Frankfurter, Baruch, Untermayer, Rosenman and Morgenthau) maneuvered us into World War II and into their United Nations, after sixty million people died. Truman’s Jews (Feinberg, Jacobson and Blaustein) persuaded him to create a Jewish war state and declare a UN war against Korea, where we now learn that millions of Koreans died.
It continued downhill from there. Johnson and his Jews (Feinberg, Krim, Goldberg, Fortas, the Rostows and many others) took us to war in Vietnam, with millions killed. They also opened the Treasury Department and the US arsenal to Israel. Our last few presidents have been taken over by Jews who call themselves Neo-Cons and have put us at war with Islam, with millions killed and still being killed and many more to be killed.
Behind every American war is a bunch of Jews profiting in some big way. War is good for the Jews because it gets millions of people killed and Jewish banks make big war loans to the government. The loans can never be repaid and this puts the government even further under Jewish control. Judaism is a cult of death and profit, the proper order difficult to say.
The Jews have us at war with Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya with more coming against Yemen, Syria and of course, Iran, their ultimate Moslem target because that’s where so much more oil is.
Now the Jews are outdoing themselves with a new bill in the Congress that would outlaw US government contact with Iran! The bill, HR 1905, introduced by a Florida Jewess, would require Jewish permission for any American from the president down to make contact with the Iranian government.
“The clearest evidence that war is the intention of the bill's supporters comes in Section 601:
(c) RESTRICTION ON CONTACT - No person employed with the United States Government may contact in an official or unofficial capacity any person that -
(1) is an agent, instrumentality, or official of, is affiliated with, or is serving as a representative of the Government of Iran; and
(2) presents a threat to the United States or is affiliated with terrorist organizations.
(d) WAIVER - The president may waive the requirements of subsection (c) if the president determines and so reports to the appropriate congressional committees 15 days prior to the exercise of waiver authority that failure to exercise such waiver authority would pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the vital national security interests of the United States.” (Al Jazeera, MJ Rosenberg)
Can you believe it? If the Jews can’t actually force us to attack Iran, which the military doesn’t want to do, they can rub our noses in their power by forbidding us to speak without permission!
We need a new Jewish policy.

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