Dick Eastman: This is how they stopped you in 2012

It's the obvious, really.
17 Rockefeller Rocketts
Direct from Rockefeller Center: 17 Rockefeller Rocketts
Once again Ron Paul sweeps you off your feet only to leave you at the alter as soon as it is past time for raising up anyone new to challenge the "Radio-City" line-up Zionist-hawk-deflation Rocketts.
After doing his job in Iowa (crowding out REAL anti-neo-con pro-middle-class alternatives from entry in the race) - Ron Paul quits campaigning - deceived followers are dumbfounded. It is a replay of 2008, when after taking all of your volutneer effort and your cash and diverted your attention from other alternatives - he backed out. (McCain could never have carried the convention in 2008 had Ron Paul even showed up as still-running alternative.)

Is Ron Paul in it to win it?

Fresh off a strong, third place victory in the Iowa caucuses, Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul promptly . . . took a break. The Texas congressman raised some eyebrows when he paused his campaign this week rather than carrying his momentum straight to New Hampshire, which holds the nation's first primary on Tuesday.
But while some may think Paul's time off suggests he's not serious about his campaign, it belies the fact that, aside from Romney's, Paul's campaign is the best prepared for a long nomination contest, with a large war chest and the organization to get on the ballot in states where other candidates couldn't. In New Hampshire, Paul has the support of around 30 New Hampshire state legislators, . . . Paul arguably has the most ardent supporters of any GOP candidate. But at times, his supporters seem to want a Paul presidency more than he does. ... What's more, after Paul canceled an event with college students scheduled for Friday morning, it left some wondering whether Paul is running a serious campaign or simply trying to shape the dialogue within the GOP. ... For Paul's most ardent supporters, his candidacy certainly isn't just about making a statement.
Source: CBS News
They get one man -- a phony -- to say everything they know you want to hear. They let you become very enthusiastic for this man, working for him, sending him money, learning about him and adopting his arguments for everything (spurious arguments - backed by fake economics presented with a flag on a gold toothpick) -- and then they run this guy through a bunch of debates where this Voodoo Doll candidate, ostensibly representing your interests, gives a half-assed case against "big government" and "printing press money" and "free handouts that taxpayers have to pay for" and even against "the cost" of war and the wrongness of past aggressions (after the Rothschild objectives in these wars have been accomplished) -- but the man is weak and polite -- and speaks his turn and fills most of his speeches with libertarian arguments against inflation and for gold -- he offers none of the evidence that really make the case against the wars (9-11 frameup, deception about Afghanistan and Iraq and "terrorism" etc -- or the many serious crimes of the last several presidencies etc) -- BUT AGAINST THIS WEAK PUNCH-PULLING PHONY CANDIDATE we hear an array of hand-picked salesmen candidates -- each carefully picked to catch the ear and appeal to a different group -- Romney to social conservatives, westerners and domestic business owners == Santorum to Evangelical Christians, Cain (who got too popular -- more than he was supposed to) to black conservatives and anti-WASP (white anglo-saxon protestant -- a political term, no longer current) -- Perry for another group (I can only guess the demographic niche he was intended to motivate, Bachemann feminist Republicans and pretty much all women not turned off by pro-Israel nuts and who think women really should have their day (like blacks had theirs the last time around etc.) -- if people really think like that -- I am just suggesting the demographics each candidate is scientifically determined to pull in -- it may not even have a name -- just a matrix of characteristics generated by polling data input.
The point is that each of these candidates gather up on the VooDoo doll candidate in the debates. The Voodoo doll candidate makes weak arguments and then the others -- each with a demographic segment behind him (or her) because he has been saying the script scientifically formulated to "turn them on" -- so in that way the VooDoo Doll candidate representing your interests (as you are fooled into thinking) is ridiculed and put down with the consensus of all the other candidates and the news commentators and analyists who are in on it. (Just to become a news anchor or a debate questioner you have to know what is expected of you.) The debates are probably well orchestrated -- someone who got up these candidates knows the game (and it is possible that the candidates really believe their own arguments in some things, but are just fed positions by staffers in others, staffers fully in tune with the VooDoo Candidate scam.
And all of this comes to a head in Iowa WHERE NO DELEGATES ARE WON OR LOST!!! So that you have been suckered into backing the VooDoo Doll -- a mere straw-man effigy - to stick pins into -- while you are praying for his success -- after which he quits ... again! They got one phony candidate, groomed over the years for this particular function, to represent all of the views you like (call them pro-middle class or populist or directed towards the common good) which are against the policy and interests of Rothschild (Rockefeller, Goldman-Sachs, Israel etc.)
It was controlled with the high-tech precision - they got your interests and views voo-dooed onto the old libertarian talker -- what every Texas politician has to say to get elected outside of Dallas -- but the real constitutency Ron Paul serves are the rich Texans allied with Rockefeller oil. The ones who bankroll Austrian economics institutes while playing very dirty in business deals around the world.
Everything I know about sociology and group psychology and all of my experience with people in groups tells me that Ron Paul is a phony -- all those years in Congress he "stuck to his principles" -- but I tell you he went along in the ways that counted. Everyone knows in Congress that you have to make a show for the voters at home -- and sometimes a congressman is needed by the Establishment to make a show to the nation -- as a presidential candidate etc. -- to show that there is at least one Congressmen who -- if only apparently -- seems to run counter to the interests of the Big Interests -- and so Paul is allowed to criticize the Fed -- up to a point and only with silly and stupid arguments -- like the one that they have a printing press and have been printing too much money and giving it to bad-credit-risk poor people and that that caused the depression so let's get rid of the Federal Reserve System so every American can jingle gold in his pockets and prices will be low. You get the drift. You see how you have been tricked -- I hope.

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