Both guests earned their AIPAC checks - Mr. Rosner, for faithfully parroting the Zionist line; Ms. Wildman for her kid glove criticism of politicians pandering to Israel. Peter Lavelle asks the $64,000 question:  how is it that the GOP candidates are so ignorant when it comes to Israel and Palestine?

It seems unlikely that US foreign policy will matter a lot in the upcoming US election as the economy is on top of the agenda. Nevertheless, some presidential candidates can’t miss the opportunity to showcase their support for Israel, even if it requires going to such extremes as denying the fact of the Palestinians’ existence. How do Americans view their long-lasting friendship with Israel today? Does everyone who runs for president have to be pro-Israel? And does this fervent desire to protect Israel do any good to Israel’s foreign policy? CrossTalking with Sarah Wildman and Shmuel Rosner on Jan. 11.

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