Happy New Year! Obama signs NDAA, codifies indefinite detention

Obama tricked me when I voted for him in good faith. He should hang separate from the others. I feel personally swindled.

Yesterday, despite hollow veto threats and meaningless “reservations,” Obama eviscerated the Constitution and the most essential civil liberties that were supposed to be the cornerstone of America with the stroke of a pen during his extravagant Hawaii vacation by signing the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (HR 1540), also known as the NDAA.
What last vestiges of freedom and justice remained in America were totally wiped away in signing the NDAA into law, regardless of Obama’s laughable platitudes which are likely a cheap campaign tactic.
In signing legislation which allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without charge or trial, transfer to any foreign nation and/or foreign entity until “the end of hostilities” based on nothing more than suspicion, United States President Barack Obama “acknowledg[ed] ‘serious reservations’ about parts of the act, particularly provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation, and prosecution of suspected terrorists,” according to the American Forces Press Service.
Aside from the troubling detention provisions, the bill actually allows active duty military to engage in bestiality and approves of covert offensive cyberwar.
I have been extensively covering the NDAA and the implications inherent in such sweeping legislation; along with putting forth what I think is the only logical question to ask at this point: when will it all come down?
Our so-called government has shown that when they sign something into law, they indeed use it, although often not for the purposes for which it was intended, or at least as it was purportedly intended.
The most apt example would of course be the PATRIOT Act which is overwhelmingly used in drug cases and other cases which are not in any way involved with terrorism, which is the guise under which the legislation was pushed through soon after September 11, 2001.
The odd aspect of the passing of the NDAA is that there was no crisis whatsoever that was leveraged to push through this insanely un-American legislation.
It is even more concerning when one remembers that the Senate passed their version, S 1867, with a resounding 93-7 vote.
This makes it quite clear that our government is actively – and more importantly, consciously – working against the American people by marking us as the enemy.
The battlefield has come home and it is only a matter of time before individuals who have committed a so-called “belligerent act” are snatched up and taken to military prisons and very likely the detention facilities which are to be activated on 72 hours’ notice, thanks to KBR or held as a civilian internee.
Many continue to claim that this will not be used against American citizens. They often  attempt to reconcile the disturbing truth with their dogmatic beliefs in the “good” American government by saying, “Sure, the language is ambiguous but they would never use it against the American people who aren’t terrorists!”
Unfortunately there is absolutely no indication that type of logic is true. All you have to do is look at the attempts to explicitly forbid Americans from being held indefinitely under this bill and guarantee our right to due process to see that our so-called representatives have no interest in protecting us.
This type of thinking is also especially ludicrous given that the Obama administration refuses to even explain why they believe they can kill American citizens, again without charge or trial.
However, Representative Jeff Landry has attempted to introduce an amendment which would protect American citizens’ right to due process from the atrocious NDAA, although nothing has come of this as of yet.
The false two-party paradigm’s façade is quickly collapsing thanks to their clear agreement on the most important issues that affect us all, along with every other human being on Earth.
We must remember that this does not only mean that Americans can be held indefinitely without any chance of getting their freedom back or seeing the light of day until the military says so, but it also means that anyone, anywhere in the world can be a target.
Keep in mind that this deals with “suspected terrorists” and seeing as no evidence will ever have to be presented to anyone given no charges have to be filed and no trial is required, suspicion is all that is needed to eliminate the most basic rights of anyone across the globe.
I will continue to hope, above all, that I am completely wrong and when this is never used against a single person I will look like an idiot. Truly, this is my deepest desire.
If the American government’s track record is any tragic  indication of what’s in store for us in the future, it looks disturbingly unlikely.
By Madison Ruppert

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