Hugo Chavez: Warming Americans’ hearts

 A few days before signing the NDAA  Zionist law that rules us now, Obama critisized Chavez for his antidemocratic trends, to which the latter replied calling him "a clown and an embarrassment"

"Mr. Obama showed up over there attacking us; this is not a surprise for us. Obama, mind your own business; you'd better rule your country, as it is a mess, don't be so irresponsible," President Chávez said on state-run TV channel Venezolana de Televisión (VTV). Chávez refrained himself from disclosing the origin of President Obama's remarks. He warned though that his US counterpart was "attacking Venezuela" in order to seek votes for his reelection."Leave us alone; we are free and will never again be a colony of yours or of anyone else," he added during a broadcasted council of ministers.

Chavez: "Obama is a Total Fraud"
"Obama is just about to lose the elections and with these criticisms [of Venezuela] he just wants to win some votes. You are a fraud, a total fraud. If I could be a candidate in the United States, I would beat you. I would win 80-20, I would beat you with [the votes] of all the good people you have there," Chavez said.

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