“International Zionism Is Strangling The World”: Interview With Jonathan Azaziah

I'm so glad Jonathan makes this point about Israeli apartheid, it's been bugging me since the subliminal usage of the  term apartheid became part of the pro Palestine mantra.  Just like using the term "war" to decribe the ongoing genocide in Gaza. People are left to conclude naturally that awful things can and do occur in wars. It treats the Israeli military operations between December 27 and January 18, 2009 as one isolated incident, a make-believe that Israel committed no other atrocities, before or after the Gaza ‘war.’The Gaza massacre wasn’t just an isolated war, it was another shameful chapter in Israel’s ongoing genocide of Palestinians.
Also not to forget the "Occupied Palestine Territories" or "Occupied  since 1967" disinfo mantra so that newer generations learning of the conflict are led to believe that Palestine began at some point in 1967. So when did Israel happen? If asked,  Zionists skips pages to their holocaust and move forward to fuse the holocaust to concoct the narrative. People have to get absorbed into the horror of the holocaust so that "aggression" turns into "defense" and "invasion" turns into "liberation" and "plunder" turns into "ancient homeland".   That's Hollywood.  Israel did not occupy Palestine in 1967 as if this is where Palestine began.  Israel never had legitimacy anywhere at anytime in Palestine.  Zionist subliminal messages get attached like viruses to recreate their own impressions in people's minds. Zionism IS a virus.

by Kourosh Ziabari

Jonathan Azaziah is an Iraqi-American Muslim poet, activist, analyst, writer and journalist from Brooklyn, New York, currently residing in Florida. His articles, poems and music predominantly deal with international Zionism and the cruel effect that it has on the world’s oppressed people. He is also a staff writer for Pakistan's premier alternative media outlet, Opinion Maker, and a frequent guest and co-host of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement's Ugly Truth radio broadcast.

Jonathan took part in an enlightening, explosive interview with me and expressed his viewpoints regarding the renewed war threats of Israel against Iran, Tehran's nuclear program, the new allegations of the White House against Iran, the true nature of Israel as a state and what he feels is the greatest threat facing our world today. An excerpt of this interview appeared in the Tehran Times, Iran's leading international daily.

The Zionist entity
is something far more cruel,
and far more insidious than
the apartheid regime of
South Africa.
Ziabari: Some political commentators believe that Israel represents the features of an apartheid state. What's your idea? Do you consider Israel an apartheid regime?

Azaziah: The term "apartheid" is an attempt to make international Zionism seem like it is more innocuous than it actually is or closely related with previous colonial endeavors when in reality, it is something far worse and far uglier. Apartheid is simply one facet of the Zionist regime that it is criminally and disgustingly occupying holy al-Quds and the rest of historic Palestine, as is colonization, and most importantly, they are only temporary; they represent symptoms, they do not represent the disease itself. The true goal of Zionism is to wipe out all non-Jewish peoples in vast parts of Egypt, including most of its north, all of Sinai and Cairo, all of Jordan, all of Kuwait, a gargantuan portion of Saudi Arabia, all of Lebanon, all of Syria, all of Cyprus, an elephantine part of Turkey up to Lake Van and finally, part of Iraq south of the Euphrates River. The expulsion and/or mass murder of these peoples would lead to the creation of the Zionist dream known as Greater Israel. So branding this usurping dragon of an entity simply as an "apartheid state" is not only incomplete, it is deceptive. And this disingenuous injection of language into the vocabularies of Palestine's supporters is also meant to deflect the attention from the root cause of this 63-year occupation: the age-old Talmudic ideology that gave birth to Zionism, which is an amalgamation of terrorism, racism, barbarism, supremacism, expansionism and imperialism. After all of the massacres committed against our brothers and sisters, all of the babies murdered, women raped, trees uprooted, mosques and churches destroyed, resources confiscated and land usurped, the least we can do is label this extremist enclave what it actually is: a fabricated entity that has no right to exist.

Finally, all persons who represent this entity, all of its occupiers and squatters, must be thrown out immediately so the 8 million Palestinian refugees worldwide can finally return to their homes. Its sayanim across the Western world must be prosecuted for treason. We will not make peace with this usurping Jewish supremacist beast. We will never recognize this filthy entity. We will not share our lands with thieves and thugs, killers and degenerates. There will not be 'equal rights' for oppressed and oppressed. There will only be equal rights for Palestinians, the true owners of the land, and whoever that they decide will live with them, chiefly those who respect their dignity and who have fought alongside them from Nakba to Naksa to now, not those who killed them and maimed them; they will be delivered into the clutches of justice for a century of inhumanity and malevolence.

It must also be noted that Apartheid South Africa did not own and control global mass media; Zionism does. Apartheid South Africa did not control global commerce; international Jewry does. Apartheid South Africa didn’t have a worldwide Afrikaner lobby network that dominated governments into submission; the Zionist entity does. And Apartheid South Africa didn’t have a foreign intelligence directorate committing false flag attacks all over the world in order to further its geopolitical objectives; ‘Israel’ does, with its Mossad. International Zionism is strangling the world because its agents think that their “chosen-ness” gives them a free pass to do so. Al-haqq (the truth) is our best weapon against these persons; an awakened globe, armed with information exposing the beast, is what will take the beast down. The past fight against the apartheid of South Africa and the current fight against international Jewish supremacism are two different creatures; just as a matter of intellectual honesty, the two should not, and must not be confused.

Mask Of Zion

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