Cheney: The Dragon Family

Liz, Lynne and Dick Cheney- Zionist psychopaths

Liz Cheney: "President Obama said the Israeli action to stop the flotilla bound for the Gaza Strip was "tragic." What is truly tragic is that President Obama is perpetuating Israel's enemies' version of events. The Israeli government has imposed a blockade around Gaza because Hamas remains committed to Israel's destruction... There is no middle ground here. Either the United States stands with the people of Israel in the war against radical Islamic terrorism or we are providing encouragement to Israel's enemies -- and our own. Keep America Safe calls on President Obama to reverse his present course and support the state of Israel immediately and unequivocally."

American Enterprise Institute: Safe house for Bush alumni
The Cheneys can always count on a warm welcome at the American Enterprise Institute.
The conservative think tank has long channeled people and policy to Republican administrations, serving as a landing pad for administration higher-ups before and after their time in Washington.

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