The Jew Nest Saving Traitor Pollard

The Jews had it figured from the get go that since Israel freed 1000 Palestinian "terrorists" the world owes them one Jonathan Pollard. The skinny Jewish kid was for show.
Huff Post reports: "This week, a group of Americans and Israelis are visiting South Florida, quietly asking the assistance of public officials, influential citizens and religious leaders here to help gain the release of Jonathan Pollard." South Florida: Miami, Ros-Lehtinen's hood. Her function is to intervene on behalf of busted Republican/Jew serving terrorists (MEK anti-Iran terrorists, anti-Castro terrorists, Zionist terrorists etc)  and get them back on the streets a.s.a.p. Her and her Florida partner in crime buddy, Jeb Bush. The article does not reveal who the "group of Americans and Israelis " are.

 Oct 27, 2011 a comment I found in a forum by a Jew named Silverman. I think of it as "inside the hornet's head."

 "Israel's"  release of 1000 terrorists to free 1 "Jewish" soldier demonstrates
the value that "Jews" place on saving a  life. This dramatic action on behalf of
Gilad Shalit sends a powerful message and could open a door through which
 Jonathan Pollard can finally gain freedom after 26 years behind bars. The
extremely fragile state of Jonathan's health really does mean that time is
running out to save this  life. [So?? Better a dead traitor than a live one!]

In order to exploit this unique moment in history for this critical mission,
we are asking  "Jews" everywhere to make an effort, however small, to pass
along this message to individuals with the potential to influence the
President of the United States.

Over the years, Ms Ros-Lehtinen has supported a Presidential pardon or a
commutation of Jonathan's sentence. Of late, she has not spoken out, even
when many distinguished and significant government officials have very
publicly changed their mind's about Pollard's release and have gone so far
as to petition President Obama on behalf of Jonathan.

These include R. James Woolsey, former CIA Director, George P. Shultz and
Henry A. Kissinger, former Secretarys of State, Michael B. Muckasey, former
US Attorney General, Senator Dennis DeConcini, former Chief of Senate
Intelligence Committee, and Lawrence J. Korb, former US Assistant Secretary
of Defense, and many other equally prominent American patriots [5th column].

We urge you to contact [Cuban Jewish terrorist]  congresswoman Ros-Lehtinen, and to encourage others
in your district who will do the same. If we succeed, we will have saved a
life. And our tradition states that this is the same as saving an entire ["Jewish"]
world. B'hatzlacha!

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