Killing people will not kill the spirit of resistance living within


Only a few days passed between the time that the western powers announced their full and unlimited support for the Syrian opposition and the Syrian people experiencing that “support”. Of course that support has been in effect since the start of the unrest in Syria, despite that they were being denied and deflected with accusations against the so-called “shabiha” (a label applied to anyone who supports Assad).

That support materialized today in the two massive explosions as two vehicles filled with explosives rocked the city of Aleppo, killing tens of civilians and law enforcement personnel. Tearing bodies into pieces with the intention to tear Syria apart. Clearly the terminology being used by the west, “democracy”, “human rights”, “freedom” etc. are nowhere to be seen on the ground and their abhorrent actions stand in direct contradiction with their words. 
Explosion in Aleppo
One must ask, is this the support that they claimed is in favor of the Syrian people and how they put into action their claim that they are the "friends of the Syrian people" coalition! Which reminds us of the friends of the Libyan people which lead to over 130,000 dead, not to mention the two million dead in Iraq.  All of this “friendship” has reached us in the name of democracy and support for human rights. Needless to say, the Syrian people have seen neither from these powers, experiencing only fascistic actions by the zionist west and their Arabian puppets for nearly twelve months.

Following its failure at the UNSC, the zionist west "officially" announced its unrestricted support for the Syrian opposition. So that the carnage caused by the twin blasts in Aleppo was self-attributed by the FSA came as no surprise.

Syria has been at war for many months now, however the claim of responsibility by at least three senior FSA officers, including the commander Riad al-Assad himself leaves no room for the agreed upon indirect talks between both the Syrian government and opposition with Russian coordination. Syria is now legally and rightfully positioned to use any means to protect the Syrian people against any party supporting the opposition's officially claimed and illegal terrorist operation on Syrian ground against the Syrian people. 

This escalation of violence by the opposition along with their western and Arabian string pullers will continue causing further destruction, destabilisation and bloodshed, but it will not kill the spirit of resistance living within the Syrian government and people who will continue on moving forward with the reform programme.

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