US secret agents 'used Kashmir earthquake as cover for al-Qaeda intelligence work'

US secret agents 'used Kashmir earthquake as cover for al-Qaeda intelligence work'
A Kashmiri refugee carries a stone to help her father build a wall in the Neelum Valley near the earthquake-devastated city of Muzaffarabad back in 2006 Photo: REUTERS

 Now we know  why  HAARP was a busy little bee

The 2005 Kashmir earthquake was used as cover by the US to send secret agents into Pakistan tasked with tracking down al-Qaeda operatives and their Pakistani handlers, according to a new book that lifts the lid on the Pentagon's special operations.

6:36PM GMT 15 Feb 2012

Authors Marc Ambinder and DB Grady claim that dozens of Americans arrived posing as aid and construction workers in the aftermath of a disaster that claimed more than 70,000 lives.
Some left only last year when US Navy Seals "killed Osama bin Laden" (code for some dirty operation) and relations between Washington and Islamabad reached a new low.
The latest revelations will anger Pakistani authorities at a time when they are considering lifting a ban on Nato supplies passing through their territory to Afghanistan.
And genuine aid agencies fear it will increase suspicion about their activities in a country still recovering from consecutive years of heavy floods.
The new book, The Command: Deep Inside the President's Secret Army, claims to reveal the history of the Joint Special Operations Command and its counter-terrorism activities.

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