War Whores: where our taxpayer money has gone in Iraq - Prostitutes for the Generals

Female blogger Pam Geller, a fair guess!
Two government audits state that of $3 billion provided by the Iraqi government to the U.S. Defense Department in 2004, $2 billion spent between July 2004 and December 2007 cannot be accounted for. The audits were conducted by the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.
In addition, many of the records on the expenditures could not be located by auditors. A senior State Department source revealed where some of the missing money may have ended up.

While serving as Commanding General of III Corps and later as Commanding General of United States Forces - Iraq, current U.S. Army chief of staff General Ray Odierno was fond of flying female "bloggers" to Iraq for special tours of various U.S.-funded infrastructure improvement projects in Iraq, most of which were monumental failures and testaments to widespread fraud, waste, and abuse in Iraq. One of the failed projects was a failed chicken processing plant.

Apparently, Odierno was interested in more than his projects receiving good press in the United States, according to our source. Odierno is reportedly an avid user of Facebook and other social networking sites.

Studly General Ray Odierno, screwing whores as his troops die
The government auditors may not receive much cooperation from Odierno if they decide to pursue America's high-tech version of Japan's war-time use of "comfort women," that is, prostitutes, in war zones to entertain Japanese occupation troops.

Odierno has been the public face for the Pentagon at forums where he speaks on his leadership qualities. Privately, however, Odierno appears to be more interested in having the taxpayers finance the Pentagon's version of e-Harmony to advertise his other "qualities."

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