You have to have Jews

"In any great adventure, if you don't want to lose,
Victory depends upon the people that you choose.
So listen, Arthur, darling, closely to this news:
You won't succeed on Broadway if you don't have any Jews."
—Sir Robin, Spamalot

Celebrities to take part in ‘I am a Jew’ campaign 2005
A host of non-Jewish US media celebrities are to take part in an advertising campaign to help fight anti-Semitism. The ‘I am a Jew’ ads are being produced by the New York based ‘Foundation for Ethnic Understanding’ (FFEU), which works to promote cross-cultural dialogue, and will feature exclusively non-Jewish celebrities. Stars including Beyonce Knowles, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington and Ricky Martin have apparently agreed to take part. The chairman of the FFEU and co-founder of the Def Jam record label, Russell Simmons, said “Anti-Semitism is growing so quickly around the world… I want to do everything I can to fight it. People forget how quickly the world can change. I mean, it was only yesterday that people [Jewish] were being put in ovens.”


  1. Growing around the world? Gee. I wonder why? Maybe all that lying, stealing and killing has a little to do with it.

  2. Sighs.

    And the crap just keeps rolling along like the balls pushed by the humble dung beetle (scarab).

    Remember how many of them crawled out after Polanski got rearrested for messing with an underage girl? They just crawled out from everywhere!

    I lost interest in some I had been fans of, such as Whoopi. Not because she was Jewish but because of her supporting that schmuck.

    remember the ovennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns!

  3. If I ruled the world I would have sent that little perv Polanski to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

  4. I don't know if Noor will see this, but for your edification, Geenie, Whoopie Goldberg is not Jewish. She was born Caryn Elaine Johnson, and adopted the name Whoopie from the whoopie cushion, and the name Goldberg "because her mother felt the original surname of Johnson was not "Jewish enough" to make her a star" as a comedienne.

    The only (American) Black Jews I am aware of were Sammy Davis Jr., who I believe converted, and Barry Soetoro's half-brother, who was born to a Jewess, and who I believe is running for public office in Israel (can you say "fat chance"?).

    At any rate, to support and defend Jews makes one little better than a Jew, though the Jew still views these Jew-loving goyim as cattle.

  5. anon, didn't Whoopie officially convert? Yeah, I don't know why she would bother. She did defend Mel Gibson, though. I don't watch TV but others in my family do so I catch very little about these things.

  6. Hey Genie,...Faaark, I've just noticed this and faark me! It would appear that Mazza Monroe was right, if you are to get a gig in hollywierd, ya gotta suck joo kok!

    That kid featured in the pic lived in a car with his siblings and his single-mom, prior to his first paying gig: According to the blurb after his role in "The Basketball Diaries".

    What economical system does he think caused such a situation to obtain and who runs the yankee economy?

    He's a fucking dickhead and I will be boycotting anything that putz is involved with, forthwith!


  7. Hey V,
    Nowdays when it comes to actors or musicians I like I google them to find out their Israel or Jew connection or their views on Palestine. If it's a negative I will not watch or listen to them on anything again.

  8. Hey Genie,..It's ashame, because Baz Lurman's Romeo & Juliet is one of my fave flics!



  10. I see it on Netflix and I keep looking at it but passing it up. Ok so maybe I will watch it...I love all Gibson's movies I don't know why hesitate to watch that one.

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  11. This amounts to an intellectual and ethical oath of disclosure.
    How spineless are some of these pathetic fools sucking up to that jew scum. Some more actors and artists to be boycotted, i did expect better from Di Caprio and Washington.
    Simply disgusting!

  12. Indeed, Frank, I am continually disappointed in these sell outs.


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