Ayn Rand, the mind of a sociopath

Sociopath: one who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. Manipulative. Lacks empathy for others.
Fraud: she railed against Medicare and Social Security  but signed on for both programs when she got old and sick.

Russian Jewess Ayn Rand had an insane, heartless and distorted, not to mention selfish view of the indigenous people of America and in the above video, the Palestinians. She's a liar in defense of the parasitic and uncivilized Rothschild colony in Palestine. Below is an excerpt from the book  "Ayn Rand Answers". This came from a Q and A session following her Address To The Graduating Class Of The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, March 6, 1974.

"Now, I don't care to discuss the alleged complaints American Indians have against this country. I believe, with good reason, the most unsympathetic Hollywood portrayal of Indians and what they did to the white man. They had no right to a country merely because they were born here and then acted like savages. The white man did not conquer this country. It's wrong to attack a country that respects (or even tries to respect) individual rights. If you do, you're an aggressor and are morally wrong. But if a "country" does not protect rights--if a group of tribesmen are the slaves of their tribal chief--why should you respect the "rights" that they don't have or respect? The same is true for a dictatorship.

The citizens in it have individual rights, but the country has no rights and so anyone has the right to invade it, because rights are not recognized in that country; and no individual or country can have its cake and eat it too--that is, you can't claim one should respect the "rights" of Indians, when they had no concept of rights and no respect for rights. But let's suppose they were all beautifully innocent savages--which they certainly were not.

What were they fighting for, in opposing the white man on this continent? For their wish to continue a primitive existence; for their "right" to keep part of the earth untouched--to keep everybody out so they could live like animals or cavemen. Any European who brought with him an element of civilization had the right to take over this continent, and it's great that some of them did. The racist Indians today--those who condemn America--do not respect individual rights.

Source: WikiQuote reguarding a Q and A session following her Address To The Graduating Class Of The United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, March 6, 1974. Also see page 102-104 of the Book "Ayn Rand Answers". Also see Philosophy: Who Needs It Address To The Graduating Class OfThe United States Military Academy at West Point, New York - March 6, 1974

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  1. Hi Genie.

    Good stuff.

    I watched that original Donahue Show when it aired. It took me a while to fully reject Ayn Rand and her books. I looked into her private life and found that she didn't live according to her own rules for everybody else. She was an awful, manipulative, lying tyrant with "friends." After learning that, I brought better critical thinking to her books, etc.

    That was all long before I began to realize what jews really are -- which was only 2 or 3 years ago.

    In the video, Rand did what jews do: reverse the truth; accuse others of being and doing what jews are and do.


  2. "Rand did what jews do: reverse the truth; accuse others of being and doing what jews are and do."

    Exactly, James.
    someone wrote: "Every era has it's own elements of what was once pegged collectively as The Dark Ages."
    Ayn Rand is an element of that church of satanism. From Ayn Rand I find truth mixed with lies and it sounds smart. She attracts other sociopaths with evil results.


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