Israel holds Khojaly photo exhibition

Shame on this Muslim/Israel unholy alliance.  If  I was claiming to seek justice for genocide, I certainly would not flaunt a relationship with fake holocaust victims like the Israelis! And on top of that be partners in Zionist crime!  Azerbaijanis are obviously that shameless but are they really that stupid, too? They only discredit themselves..., they just add to number of dangerous, Zionist zombies in the world. And they don't mind us knowing it...that's what makes them so zombie.

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  • As many countries, Israel also held an event on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Khojaly genocide.
    In this connection, the country held scientific and practical conference titled “Israel-Azerbaijan: strategic alliance”, dedicated to the memories of Khojaly victims, Gun.Az reported.

    A photo exhibition organized and supported by the Azerbaijani State Telegraph Agency (AzerTAg) was opened as part of the conference organized jointly by Israel-Azerbaijan International Association and Netanya Academic College’s S. Daniel Abraham Centre for Strategic Dialogue.

    The exhibition showcased books, photographs, video materials prepared by the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, book “Khojaly. Genocide of XX century” designed and translated to English, Russian, French, German and Arabic languages by the Azerbaijani Presidential Administration and AzerTAg, as well as booklets and audio and video material prepared by the Azerbaijani State Committee for Diaspora.
    MPs of the Israeli Knesset and Azerbaijani Milli Majlis, scientists, representatives of scientific research centres, leading political scientists, representatives of the Foreign Ministry and heads of diplomatic corpuses operating in Israel were amongst the viewers of the exhibition.

    Joining the exhibition, MP Ganira Pashayeva shared her opinion about the Khojaly genocide and noted the importance of bringing the perpetrators of this crime to justice soon.
    Participators of the conference strictly condemned the atrocities of Armenian butchers.

    Representatives of the Armenian diaspora attempted to hamper the course of the conference by voicing retorts.

    The speech of Azerbaijani MP Ganira Pashayeva made the situation of the Armenians even worse.

    Thus, she exposed their real face by showing specific facts, naming the perpetrators of the genocide and exhibited photos, videos and printed materials caused the protest of the Armenians.

    The head of the Armenian community operating in Jerusalem tries to hamper the course of the conference but could not manage it.

    Pashayeva continued her speech despite the provocation of the Armenians and gave detailed information about the acts of vandalism committed in Armenian-occupied Azerbaijani lands.

    Addressing the Armenians who tried to make a provocation at the conference, she said “Now we will show a film about the Khojaly genocide and you will be able to see how terrible act you nation did committed. If you still have a little conscience, you should apologize on behalf of your nation for the genocide committed in Khojaly.

    Every perpetrator of the Khojaly genocide, who seat today in Armenia will pay the price and besides this, the Azerbaijani nation will liberate the ruined Khojaly town.”

    After the strict response of the MP and the film, the Azerbaijani diaspora members, local community representatives and students of the academy demanded the Armenians to leave the hall.

    Students and community representatives chanted slogans “You would better look at the photograph proving your acts and feel ashamed”, “Don’t show your brutality at least here”, “Everyone knows who and how brutal you are”, “Armenians butchers should get their worthy punishment” and other slogans.



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    2. With Israel on your side who needs enemies? Yids ultimately destroy everything they touch. All anyone has to do is look at their trail of destruction From Russia, through out Europe and the Middle East...and the US. You're right, we are really all just waiting for the Yids to take the fatal leap. Every psychopath does eventually.


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