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The peculiar isolation in which Americans typically live shelters the national narrative. Americans are geographically isolated in that they can go nowhere without passports, which few have; linguistically isolated in that almost none speak a second language; and temporally isolated since few have even a rudimentary grasp of history. Add an odd lack of curiosity, apparenly based on a belief that the superiority of America is such that other places are not worthy of study. The result is a closed system. fredoneverything

Below is a comment I stumbled onto randomly from a 2003 archive. It is not attached to any particular post or article, it's suffices on it's own. It is NOT satire. I call it the dark ages and those who have not evolved from this thought process is not normal and should jump off a bridge. The title of the comment is US gifts:

6 August 2003 [Brackets are mine] 
  As a citizen of the US, I must state my opinion. There are many oppressed countries which are pleading for the US to help them protect their citizens and remove murderous dictators. Iraq was very fortunate to have the forces of the United States and Britain remove the Hussein government of terror and repression. They should be glad that the US is there instead of complaining. We have lost some wonderful men over there, and for what? Hopefully, to help the millions of Iraqis  [killed and displaced a million too, oops]  no longer subjected to the murder and torture from their government [ it's a white man's burden]. They will do well knowing that the United States and Britain [the whitest guys you know] are there to help them -- and this we will do because we understand freedom and democracy [gobbledygook]. They could have done a lot worse . The US fought for freedom and democracy, and now the Iraqi people must do the same thing [serve the same Jewmaster as us]. This is a gift, take it graciously. It is an opportunity, run with it. The US is the most powerful and free nation in the world. We choose [we are not asked] to spread freedom and democracy . We are not tyrants as the Middle East would like to view us; but we are not fools [because the Jew media says we are not].
The people of the US are losing patience with the negative comments and attacks on our troops. We liberated the Iraqis and will leave as soon as the country is stable [even though we the people  have no say whether we're coming or going!]. Work with us, not against us. Bush is a man of peace and many US citizens support and respect him-- as should the Iraqi people who now have a chance to live real lives.
Also, the money being spent on this liberation could be well used right here in the US [they lost $2 billion over there, oops], however the American people have always known that it is our responsibility [they don't even have to ask us] to help those who have not had the opportunity to live in freedom, without fear of repression. One life saved is worth more than anything money can buy. [Or something like that]
A Cipriani
  in Pennsylvania

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