Toulouse gunman, another useful idiot

 It is interesting to note that Nikolas Sarkozy, previously trailing in the polls in a French election year, is now the favourite to win the first round of the presidential election next month. Sarkozy has promised a shocked French nation that he will crack down on Islamic extremism should he be re-elected, as well as stating that he will introduce stricter monitoring of the internet, and make it a crime to visit unspecified "hate" websites.

France's news agency AFP reports: The Toulouse gunman who killed seven people, including three young Jewish children, visited Israel for three days in 2010, Israeli security officials told AFP on Monday. They said that Mohamed Merah entered the Jewish state on a French passport in September 2010 through the Allenby Bridge crossing from Jordan where he was checked and given a tourist visa. He spent three days in Israel before leaving, again via the Allenby Bridge, they said. It was possible that he had come to Israel with other French nationals, they said. This is confirmed by Israeli media, which also state that he entered Israel while on his way to Afghanistan. The report indicates what is common place occurrence for "intelligence" operatives or assets: at first, he is stopped at the border, because of course, his travel itinerary and history would raise alarm bells on the computer screens of border guards. 

Israel, home to the notorious MOSSAD intelligence agency which makes full use of "useful idiots" among Arabs, as does the French mercenary agencies such as the "foreign legion" as well as British intelligence, which provides safe havens for many terrorists, is one of the strictest countries in the world when it comes to security or who can enter. The border guards in Israel thus phoned the "higher ups" i.e. those in MOSSAD to determine whether or not to arrest and question Merrah, or simply to deny him entry. The fact he was allowed entry after that phone call, shows that he was most likely on his way to a debriefing or a briefing, before his trip to Afghanistan. 

Jordan too, is historically among the most pro-Israeli and pro-Western of Arab states, and has been complicit in providing a "solution" to the Israeli problem: how to get rid of the original Palestinian population. Merah's visit to Jordan is also highly suspect, analysts say. The Merah scenario is nothing new. Britain has done it many times, for example with the 7/7 bombers who placed bombs on London transport system with the full cooperation of Israeli private security companies which man the CCTV system, and a former CIA head who was head of London transport at the time. 

They also had the cooperation of a British security firm which conducted "exercises" at the exact same time and locations as the bombers. It is also something which the United States, another western country hopelessly compromised by its reliance upon MOSSAD for training, and monitoring all U.S. communications via phone billing, Internet, and other companies. Again private Israeli security firms operating at European airports such as that in Amsterdam, provided full protection and escorted access to board a flight even to the most suspicious of "mind-controlled" terrorists, without even a valid passport, the so-called underwear bomber, again by passing all security checks which had rung all possible alarm bells. 

 It is thus time that the public wake up to the fact that Al-Qaida [Al-CIAduh], which now has the full military support of NATO, the U.S.-European military alliance, to build an arc of terror and instability from Nigeria to the borders of China, is a western (Zionist) intelligence construct, and that the real enemy of the western peoples are their own "governments" which are in the firm service of a "global power elite", and always have been. 

That elite now wishes to put into force it's "new world order", and use the bogus war on terrorism as its vehicle. As some commentator pointed out recently, if the real objective of the terrorists (which almost always carry British passports or other western ones, making it obvious that Asian and African countries should be tightening up on westerners entering their countries as "tourists") was that they "hate our freedoms" and that they want us to "lose our freedom", then by now would they not be happy? No part of the world has lost as much freedom as the west has in the past decade.

 The east, which was lacking freedom, now has more freedom than the west. Increasing numbers of people are aware of this state of affairs, and are embracing alternative worldviews.

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