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hahaha! By Wayne Madsen.
  • Russia gets Saudi Arabia to support its military efforts in Syria. Which means, the Saudis have given up any hope of forcing Assad from power. The only country that looks foolish right now is the U.S., which still harbors thoughts of ousting Assad. Its time for Samantha Power to go back to Ireland and start folding laundry. That's the job she's always had the face for, anyway.

Time to take the only job you're capable of doing, Samantha!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Greetings from the brink of nuclear annihilation

Atomic Postcards "Nuke Pop"
 Atomic postcards
Greystone Motel, 1 mile west of Portsmouth, Ohio on U.S. 52, the Atomic City


Atomic Bomb

Bikini Crossroads



Buidling design Greetings from Los Alamos

Oak Ridge TN processing area atom bomb


Greetings from The Atomic City, Oak Ridge, Tenn.


  1. Hey Genie,...Great kitch there mate, utter farkin nutters!


  2. Hey V,
    Americans believe they live on a one way street, that's the problem. if everyone gave consideration that what goes around comes around...things might be different!

  3. Hey Genie,...I read a book called "Blowback" when it was first published in 2001. There is a second edition apparently, if you haven't read it, read it.




  4. thanks V, wow lots of reviews to read on the book at Amazon. Even comments to reviews...one comment to a review I read echos a common theme of "if we don't do it they will, and they are worse."