Iran’s new initiatives place Israel at center of nuclear talks

Psychopaths: Shimon Peres with idf special forces

 DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 11, 2012
[Debka: an Arab folk dance native to Palestine which the invading Zionist terrorist entity , for their own amusement, chose to name their open source "intelligence" reporting  website which predicted in 2000 that al-Qaeda would again strike the World Trade Center. It is a website to monitor for imminent false flags.]
Iran’s National Security Council Saeed Jalili suggested enigmatically Wednesday, April 11, that its representatives would present “new initiatives” at the negotiations with six world powers starting in Istanbul next Saturday.  “We hope,” he said, “that the powers will also enter talks with constructive approaches; the language of threat and pressure against the Iranian nation has never yielded results.”
Although Jalili, who will lead the Iranian negotiating team, did not divulge the nature of the new initiatives, debkafile’s Iranian and intelligence sources have obtained their content:
1. Iran will continue to enrich low-grade 3.5 percent uranium but not consent to a cap on quantities;
2. The removal of enriched uranium outside Iran’s borders is not open to discussion and will not be permitted;
3. Iran is prepared for a deal whereby the six powers endorse Iran’s right to enrich as much high-grade 20-percent enriched uranium as it wishes according to a three-part fomula:
a) A joint panel of the six powers and Iran will determine the amounts required to meet the needs of its reactor and the production of isotopes for medical research; b) Iran will sell the surfeit on the international market and become the world’s No. 1 exporter of 20-percent enriched uranium; c) Excess quantities over and above a) and b) will be downgraded by a reverse process from 20 to 3.5 percent.
4.  Iran will reject demands to shut down the underground enrichment plant at Fordow, near Qom, but agree to signing the Non-Proliferation Treaty’s Additional Protocol - which would permit IAEA inspectors to make spot checks at all suspect nuclear sites in Iran, including Fordow - with one proviso: The six powers must also require Israel to sign the NPT plus the Additional Protocol. If Israel doesn’t sign both parts of this treaty, neither will Iran endorse the AP.
5. The “Israeli dossier” tops the tactical agenda set out by Iran’s top strategic team for the forthcoming nuclear negotiations Istanbul.
Its representatives will be briefed to turn aside every demand the world powers make of Tehran by twisting it around and pointing it at Israel’s alleged nuclear program [yeah, why not?] They will argue that they are acting to promote President Barack Obama’s avowed vision of a nuclear-free Middle East. By using this stratagem, the Iranians expect to come away from the negotiating table sitting pretty, having extracted international permission both for enriching as much high-grade uranium as they want and for keeping the Fordow facility in full operation.
 Let's Review

On Iran:
  • Iran Signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)
  • Iran joined the IAEA ((International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Iran allows the international community (IAEA) to inspect their facilities
  • Iran did not invade anyone, in fact the US used the CIA to install Saddam Hussein as dictator of Iraq and had Iraq invade Iran in 1980.
  • Every time the IAEA inspects  Iran’s facilities, the inspectors secretly report their findings to the CIA who in turns secretly reports to the media that Iran is merely steps  away building a nuclear bomb. This has been repeated over and over since the early 90s.
  • Iran doesn’t have any nuclear weapons.
On the other hand Israel:
  • Israel refuses to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.
  • The United States has violated the NPT and proliferated nuclear weapons to Israel.
  • Israel refuses to join the IAEA
  • Israel refuses to allow IAEA or any international inspectors into their secret illegal nuclear facilities.
  • Israel has invaded and launched “pre-emptive” attacks on all of their neighbors.
  • Israel openly commits gross human rights violations and the US has used its veto power in the UN hundreds of times to protect Israel from being held accountable.
  • Israel is estimated to have between 250-250 nuclear weapons.
  • Israel illegally occupies Palestine.
  • Israel illegally keeps Gaza trapped inside of a prison wall (just like the Warsaw ghetto for Jews as described by Jews) and refuses to allow humanitarian aid into the nation.

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