Traitors in our Midst?

"The real issue here is not what America wants, but what does Israel want," Paul told evangelical leaders, according to a transcript of the meeting obtained by Business Insider. "If Israel wants their capital to be Jerusalem (illegally), then the United States should (illegally) honor that ." --Ron Paul

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A free and impartial media is the cornerstone of any great republic or democracy. Without the free, unbiased flow of information to the public, foolish and disastrous decisions are almost guaranteed. In America’s case, the information is not only biased, but it is centered around the interests of a foreign nation. When this is coupled with a foreign lobby, AIPAC, pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into American politics in an effort to bribe politicians to support this same foreign nation, the result is predictable: America’s treasure and troops are used for another nation in the great detriment to our liberty, security, and economy.
The corruption of the media began almost since its inception. In 1979, Long time Commentary editor, Norman Podhoretz, called on non-gentile Americans to look at proposals and legislation from the viewpoint of non-gentile interest. He also said the role of non-gentile journalists is to “defend Israel.” At the New York Center for Jewish History, a Harvard professor named Ruth Wisse instructed young non-gentile journalists to “think of themselves not as honest seekers of wisdom and truth but as adjuncts to the Israeli Defense Forces, and to use their words just as Podhoretz suggested: to defend Israel, period.” (
A National Correspondent, Jeffrey Goldberg, who writes for The Atlantic and Bloomberg recently tweeted: ‘My goal for the Palestinian people is for them to build a colony on the Moon.” Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, suggested killing Obama and replacing him with a zionist puppet because Obama has not been aggressive enough on Iran. See the following article for a full summary:
If the overt bias in the media isn’t enough, Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s main host, was a former American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) employee who is currently using his position to promote Israeli interests. It also appears as if John King and Campell Brown converted to Judaism in order to get their own television shows.
Not only are the newscasters biased, but the media owners are primarily non-gentile Americans who support Israel; as the following video proves by providing the names, titles, and pictures of the controlling parties.

In a recent release of previously classified documents to the National Archive, it was unveiled that Israel has actually been covertly paying American media outlets millions of dollars to publish pro-Israel stories. The documents revealed that Israel paid the Atlantic magazine $50,000 to disrupt a US peace proposal that would have allowed Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in Israel. These documents came from a Senate hearing, which ended up being censored by American politicians that received significant campaign financing from non-gentile sources. The bribed senators even went as far as sealing the most damning documents from the investigation. It now appears as if Israel is using AIPAC to pay the Atlantic to publish false stories about Iran’s nuclear program.

There was a reason every single mainstream media outlet gave George W. Bush a free pass on Saddam Hussein’s WMD. In fact, the media went a step further to call anyone who disagreed with the war a traitor and not supportive of the troops. It is no secret that Israel wanted the US to attack Iraq.
The term Israel Firster is the lingo of the day, but in all seriousness, how can a person like Jeffrey Goldberg, who fought for another nation’s military, be impartial? Isn’t it kind of ridiculous that we allow non-gentile Americans, and even non-gentile Americans who have fought for the Israeli Defense Force, to write articles on the Israeli-Palestine conflict, going to war with Iran, or the Middle East in general? After all, journalists morph public perception, and they are supposed to be impartial. Otherwise you get, well, the American media for example.
70% of Americans think Iran already has a nuke, which every expert and even those who support an Iranian invasion would acknowledge is a virtual impossibility. Now where are they getting this information? In fact, why is the US media so preoccupied with Iran at all? Iran hasn’t attacked anyone in a century. They have funded far fewer “terrorists” than our ally Saudi Arabia. If there is a threat in the Middle East, it’s Israel. Israel has committed dozens of documented war crimes, including firing white phosphorous rockets in Palestinian middle schools, used fraudulent passports to assassinate people in foreign countries, perpetrates an Apartheid state, and constantly perpetrates wars and interfere in their neighbors political affairs. See the following article for a full recap:
Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and currently has more than 200 nuclear missiles. Iran on the other hand has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and allows inspectors to see their facilities. There is absolutely no credible evidence that Iran is attempting to gain a nuclear weapon. But this side of the story doesn’t see the light of day from the American media. Regardless of Iran’s nuclear status, the risk/reward for an invasion is terribly negative for America. If we invade, we know for sure that the price of oil would go up, probably to $150 a barrel. China, Russia, and India will stop using the dollar, which would end our reserve currency status and sink our economy. A war would also cost America an absolute fortune and the lives of our soldiers at a time when our military resources and debt are already stretched thin. The potential risks to Iran gaining a nuke are minute in comparison. Even if Iran got a nuke, they would never aggressively use it, as it would mean their sure destruction. The consequence of a nuclear Iran is that Israel would not be able to push their neighbors around anymore, which is what this is really all about. A former Mossad chief has even admitted that it would be foolish to attack Iran, and that they are years from having a nuke. Iran has no missiles that could reach the US, and they don’t have the terrorist network to get it to our borders, so they are no threat to the US; regardless of how much the media argues to the contrary.
It could be argued that any American who wants to interfere in the Middle East is looking out for Israel’s interests first. It’s an undeniable fact that the US loses in the Israeli-US relationship. After all, we don’t get the vast majority of our oil from the Middle East. It is one of the greatest myths perpetuated by the media in order to draw our attention and resources to the Middle East. America produces about 50% of its own oil and we get the vast majority of the rest from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and Nigeria. After all, it’s more expensive to ship it all the way from Iran or Iraq than to get it from our neighbors. In addition, our relationship with Israel was directly responsible for the terrorist attacks of September 11,2001, as the terrorists stated on video taped record. To think that terrorists hate us because of our freedom is so laughable it would be ridiculous if most Americans didn’t believe it. If that were the case they would have attacked the Netherlands or Switzerland. Odd that the media never mentioned the terrorists’ self-proclaimed motivations for the attack in those countless hours of media coverage. If America wanted energy security, it could have developed natural gas facilities or built a pipeline from Canada to the US for 1/100th of the cost of the Iraq war. The net downsides of the relationship don’t end there. America gives aid to Israel and even gives money to Israel’s neighbors so they maintain friendly relations with Israel. Most Americans are completely unaware of the cost of the hidden aid that the US gives Israel in terms of beneficial contracts and “scrapped” military equipment that are really worth billions.

AIPAC is the only foreign agent acting in the United States without registering itself under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. In 2005, AIPAC employees were caught red-handed stealing American military secrets and giving them to Israel. This entity, which is widely considered to be the most powerful lobby in Washington, has 100,000 American members whose sole mission is to lobby for Israeli interests. AIPAC members and employees mercilessly lobbied for the disastrous war in Iraq, which was clearly for Israel’s security as Saddam posed no threat to America with no WMD’s or terrorist connections. Many of the architects of the war were former AIPAC employees and members like Paul Wolfowitz. And now they are lobbying for a war with Iran. A strong argument could be made that AIPAC members should be tried for treason, or at least espionage.
Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief of Staff for President Obama volunteered to serve in the Israeli Defense Force during the 1991 Gulf War instead of in the American military. It is baffling that our concern with national security doesn’t include investigating the potential security implications of having a person who served in another nation’s military, which has been caught spying on America in the last decade, in one of the highest and most important political positions in America.
One of America’s wealthiest business men, Sheldon Adelson, says he wishes he fought in Israel’s military instead serving in the US armed forces. He hopes his American son becomes a sniper for the Israeli Defense Force. Adelson said, “All we care about is being good Zionists, being good citizens of Israel, because even though I am not Israeli born, Israel is in my heart.” Adelson owns an anti-Palestinian paper in Israel and almost single handedly finances Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich. Another big American Democratic donor, Haim Saban says, “I’m a one issue guy and my issue is Israel.” Non-gentile sources actually account for 50% of all the campaign contributions in America, which is why our politicians pander to the Republican Jewish Coalition, AIPAC, and many other non-gentile organizations, even though they account for only 2% of the vote.
Representative Eric Cantor actually pledged loyalty to Israel over America. He said he, AND HIS GOP colleagues, would protect and defend Israel’s interests over America’s. Not surprising as almost every single major American candidate in the last two decades has met with AIPAC and pledged loyalty to Israel. Many of our presidential candidates actually fly to Israel to seek approval to run in an election before commencing their campaigns.
Romney vowed to the Republican Jewish Coalition that his first visit will be to Israel. Gingrich said his first act as president will be to move the embassy to Jerusalem. How is an American President’s first act for the benefit of another nation? They make these pledges because they know it will keep the money flowing to their campaign.
Many Congressman such as James Traficant have said that most US Congressman actually ask how Israel feels about a bill before voting on it. When will we stop fighting wars and financing an apartheid state? Are we to wait till America is completely broke till we cut off this bloody spigot? I’m guessing that many of these Israel Firster non-gentile Americans will probably have jumped ship and gone to Israel by that time.

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