U.S. Nuclear Weapons Being “Guarded” by Israel

Magals DTR 2000 Taut Wire fence

American supporters of Israel  [the stupidest people on earth] were delighted to learn that an Israeli company, Magal Security Systems-owned in part by the government of Israel-is in charge of security for the most sensitive nuclear power and weapons storage facilities in the United States. The Magal Group is the leading international group of companies experienced in designing, manufacturing, and integrating various types of security solutions for use on borders, military bases and facilities, airports, refineries, nuclear and conventional power stations, VIP residences, governmental buildings and other high level mission critical sites. The head of the Magal Group, Magal Security Systems was founded in 1984 as a security solution provider, after being part of the Israeli Aircraft Industry since 1969. Since its inception, Magal has acquired several companies worldwide to widen and complement its product line and distribution channels. Magals experience in the security market, of more than 40 years, involves significant projects in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Magal's American outreach is expected to increase substantially, especially now that firm has set up a Washington, D.C. office which will promote its products to federal agencies and to the members of Congress who provide funding for federally-supervised security projects across the country at all levels: local, state and national.

Not only does Magal provide security for American nuclear facilities, but it also does likewise for most major nuclear facilities in Western Europe and Asia [like Japan]. In addition, the Israeli firm also provides security for Chicago's O'Hare Airport and, for the last fifteen years, has kept watch on the Queen of England's famed Buckingham Palace in London. What's more, Magal provides security for 90% of the American prisons that utilize electronic systems. Magal brags that its other clients around the globe include: borders, airports, industrial sites, communication centers, military installations, correctional facilities, government agencies, VIP estates and residences, commercial buildings and storage yards.
There is hardly a major country or major enterprise that does not have Magal's security specialists keeping a close watch on their activities.

 The Bush administration's Environmental Protection Agency announced a "partnership" with the Israeli Ministry of National Infrastructures to improve what they called "water supply system security in the United States and Israel." Since Magal is so highly respected in Israel, it's an even bet that Magal will soon be guarding the U.S. water supply.
Oh, what news!
Acre (Palestine) Aqueduct feeding the city was poisoned by typhoid injected
 by Zionists in May 1948 

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