Hezbollah can hit any target in Tel Avive, occupied Palestine: Nasrallah

 [The  blood thirsty vampire people may not be so enthusiastic the next time the leaders go in for a kill.]

Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah has stressed that the Lebanese resistance movement can now hit any targets in "Tel Aviv and occupied Palestine," [he does not refer to any part of Palestine as Israel]  Press TV reports.

He made the remarks in a televised speech in Beirut's southern suburbs where people were celebrating the final stage of the post-2006 war reconstruction process.
"The era in which we are afraid and they are not is over," Nasrallah told supporters on Friday.[Good!]

The Hezbollah secretary general said that the resistance group is "capable of striking very specific targets not only in Tel Aviv but everywhere in occupied Palestine."

“In the previous war we did not hit the Tel Aviv so we could protect the capital Beirut, but I told the Israelis that in any upcoming war if they hit any target in Beirut’s southern suburbs we will target Tel Aviv.”[I remember that]

"For every building destroyed in Dahiya [an area in the suburbs of southern Beirut], a building will be destroyed in Tel Aviv," he said.

Nasrallah added that Israel was seeking to "crush the resistance" during the 33-day war but "the war has failed to achieve its goal."

"The Israeli enemy has tried to make our lives hell," he added.

Around 1,200 Lebanese, mostly civilians, and more than 160 Israelis were killed after Israel launched a war against Lebanon in 2006.

"Today we celebrate the victory of restoration after the war," the Hezbollah chief said.


  1. Hey Genie,...This is fabulous News, well done, I often revisit the failed slaughters by the yiddish satanists, just to remind myself that raw courage and human tenacity can overcome even the most corpulent of technologically advanced brutes!




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