Not to forget the víctims of torture

The US (never forget the Jewish hidden hand in all large scale, heinous crimes on earth) has been responsible for literally millions of deaths throughout the 20th century via illegal coups, establishing dictatorships in 3rd world countries and CIA-backed private wars.

 Manuel E. Yepe
"Despite the impressive legal and institutional framework established to prevent torture, it remains a widely tolerated or even used by governments, and there is still impunity for its perpetrators."

This was admitted by the Secretary General of the United Nations in the call, as every year, gives the world body since the General Assembly in its resolution 52/149 of 12 December 1997, proclaimed 26 June as International Day Support of Victims of Torture.

It was long an indigenously attributed to the practice so widespread and uniform cruel repressive methods, particularly the torture of detainees in prisons and military barracks in Latin America during the second half of last century.

Today no doubt left where the actions and concepts that divorced American peoples of their soldiers and converted into everyday practice of torture against the people.

When public opinion transcended international-news-photos included on torture and other inhuman treatment of prisoners that U.S. forces had been applied in prisons in Iraq and the detention of suspects who are in the area Guantanamo Bay who illegally occupy in Cuba, began to gain credit the old complaints that indicate the origin of the phenomenon in the School of the Americas established in 1946, in Panama.

At that time, in 1947, also created the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, shadowy criminal organization official U.S. government has written to the region and the world, one of the dirtiest stories of abuse, barbaric and terror that humanity has ever known.

Until 1963, the School of the Americas was called Land of the Latin American Division of Training (Latin American Training Center-Ground Division), and should be used for training military leaders acting and training of new leaders requiring armies continent.

From the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the School of the Americas took a more precise responsibility, issued by the failure that occurred on the island had been for the strategy embodied the heart: now should serve to train cadres called to prevent the Cuban example spread across the continent.

The space for the "representative democracy" diminished significantly and the establishment of military dictatorships throughout Latin America proliferated. Not respected democratic traditions such as Chile and Uruguay, or the dimensions of mega countries like Argentina and Brazil.

The School of the Americas accounted for an important role in this tough policy that had its most dismal in "Operation Condor", which provided training cadres, organizing death squads against insurgents and design interrogation techniques and torture.

Several dictators, torturers and police chiefs who played prominent roles connoted in Operation Condor came from the School of the Americas. Many of their teachers and advisers involved in this dirty war on Latin America.

In 1984 the School of the Americas was transferred to Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, following Torrijos-Carter agreements and the signing of the Panama Canal.

2001, because of the sheer volume of complaints since 1999 were coming to the U.S. Congress for the content of the manuals of torture that were training students in the School of the Americas, was denied permission to operate the School.

The Pentagon "disciplined" changed the name to the institution, which was renamed Institute for Security Cooperation Western Hemisphere (Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) and made ​​some cosmetic changes called to cover the most serious violations of human rights that took place there.

Today in America there is debate about whether the cases of torture in secret prisons should be treated as confidential and the world is witnessing the unusual fact that Richard Cheney, vice president of the nation in the Bush administration, openly advocate the use of torture against prisoners and even ask for more publicity for the achievements that result for the country of such inhuman treatment, to seek greater public acceptance for these torments.

Beyond the complaint and protest against the phenomenon, the world must also worry about save another victim of torture: the U.S. population being morally degraded through the crowd of young soldiers of that nation who are forced to apply torture other human beings, or trained.

Manuel E. Yepe leading journalist, diplomat and Cuban lawyer. He was President of the Prensa Latina news agency. He serves as Professor of the Institute of International Relations in Havana

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