4 Neturei Karta youths implicated in Yad Vashem vandalism

  It was only a matter of time before the anti-Zionist Jewish sect was accused in a classic Zionist false flag operation in occupied Palestine as they have done in Europe and the U.S.

ynetnews-Police arrest four members of radical anti-Zionist sect in connection to defacement of Holocaust Museum

The police have arrested three suspects in the vandalism of Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum earlier in June.

The four, ages 18, 26 and 27, who are residents of Jerusalem and Bnei Brak, belong to the Neturei Karta sect.

The Jerusalem district Police said Tuesday that the suspects have also been linked to other vandalism cases of monuments in the greater Jerusalem area.
According to police sources, a search of the suspects' apartments yielded anti-Israel and anti-Zionists material, spray cans and PLO flags. A search of their computers derived material the police said constitutes sedition.

'Hitler, thanks for the Holocaust' (Photos: Ohad Zwigenberg)

"The investigators' creativity and professionalism resulted in the suspects' arrests. More arrests may follow," Judea and Samaria District Police Commander Amos Yaakov said.

Re refused to address the police's tactics in the case.
In early June, workers at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum discovered that its main entrance was defaced with graffiti reading "Hitler, thank you for the Holocaust" and "If Hitler didn’t exist the Zionists would have had to invent him" on one of the walls.

Some 10 other slogans of the same nature were found in several other areas as well, including "Israel is the secular Auschwitz of the Sephardic Jewry," and "Jews wake up – the Zionist regime is dangerous."
One of the slogans was reportedly signed "The global Zionist mafia" and another was signed "the global haredi Jewry."

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  1. Exodus to Khazaria...like ROOTS in reverse...happy endings for all.

    Quarantine the money changers and pharisees, after a speedy and fair trial, do what the Messiah commanded in Matthew 13...put the TARES in the fiery furnaces of TRUTH.

    90% of "JEWS" are not Hebrew, and NOT Semitic.

    Terrorists and Mass Murderers, IDENTITY THIEVES and Nation Rapers...convicting themselves of TALMUDIC TERRORISM....Ashkenazim...time to make Exodus....don't be a frier.


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