A Case Study of a Principle

Menachem Begin Criminal /psychopath from from Brest-Litovsk
Philo-Semites are always claiming Jewish success as proof of Jewish intellectual superiority. But there is a more basic reason for Jewish success - ethnic networking. For those who doubt this claim a single case study should suffice to illustrate the point. Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel, won the Nobel Peace Prize for his role in the 1977 Camp David peace accords. Now this is the same Menachem Begin who was a life long devotee of Vladimir Jabotinsky, the Zionist psychopath who advocated an "iron wall of bayonets" to deal with the Arabs of Palestine.

 Begin had been a member of Betar, the Zionist-Fascist paramilitary organization in Poland before emigrating to Palestine. There he became a founding member of the Irgun Zvai Leumi, the underground Jewish terror organization dedicated to blowing up and otherwise assassinating English soldiers and officials. Begin was personally responsible for the blowing up of the southwest wing of the King David Hotel, killing ninety people.

These incontestable facts regarding the terrorist, Menachem Begin, were undoubtedly known to the members of the Nobel Committee who awarded Mr. Begin his "peace prize". No one acquainted with these facts could have believed for an instant that Menachem Begin would ever do anything to advance the cause of peace in Palestine. And, indeed, he did not. Immediately after receiving his prize, Menachem Begin presided over the Shabra and Shatila camp massacres where his Christian Falangist allies mercilessly butchered helpless Lebanese civilians.

 It was every bit as gruesome as the old massacre at Deir Yassein in which Begin and company had slaughtered old men, women and children in an unarmed village during the 1948 war. Since Menachem Begin obviously did not get his peace prize because of his peaceful background, how did he get it? Why, he got it through ethnic networking at the top.

Now, if Menachem Begin got a "peace prize" he clearly did not deserve, how many other Jews are getting undeserved promotions and awards through the same methods? The American State Department is blessed with an extremely disproportionate number of Jewish ambassadors and diplomats. Are we to believe that Jew are inherently more capable than the Loy Henderson's and Allen Diulles' of old or is it more reasonable to believe that these Jews are clones of the Menachem "peace prize" method?

Jews shall vehemetly deny that they employ ethnic networking. But leaving aside their Talmudic scriptures which very clearly teach these very things, the Nobel Peace Prize of "Jew-the-Ripper" Begin makes very clear that Jewish networking, from the top down, is a fact of the real world.


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  1. Everything in this article is true.


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