The Khazars and Anna Anderson

Khazar rabbis.

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Genetic tests are now the rage. They are supposedly the definitive answer to every question. In the case of the ancient Khazar Empire, genetic tests have supposedly definitively established that today's Jews are not the descendants of the ancient Khazars. But the genetic proof, as in the case of Anna Anderson, the alleged princess Anastasia, suffers from many problems. Anna Anderson, per the DNA tests, was really Franceska Sanchowzka, a poor Polish factory worker.

The DNA evidence would be inadmissable because of severe chain of custody problems but the difficulties are more fundamental than that. Franceska Sanchowzka was three inches taller than Anna Anderson who was precisely the same height as Anastasia. Anna Anderson had the same deformity on her left foot as Anastasia, a key physical characteristic Sanchowszka lacked. Moreover, Anna Anderson had the tell tale mole on her left shoulder that was nowhere present on Sanchowzka.

There were major explanatory problems with Anna Anderson's massive knowledge of the most arcane, intimate details of the imperial family's life, details that she could not possibly have gleaned from books or memoirs. For instance, she knew details of conversations with palace servants and friends known only to the conversants. Anna also knew aspects of palace architecture and other points of detail, such as a small swastika beneath the dash board of the Czar's car.

She had handwriting that matched exactly that of Anastsia, something that the handwriting off Franceska Sanchowszka did not. Numerous world recognized court experts pronounced on the similarity of the writing, one of the most individual of alll personal idiosyncracies and one of the most difficult for any impostor to duplicate.She recounted the habits of inside personalities, such as the "man with the pockets", the general who always spoke with his hands in his pants.

She recounted a play in which she participated with her family while they were being held in Tobolsk. The play, in which Anna impersonated a man, had an amusing episode in which wind blew in the window, exposing her pajamed bottom as her skirts were blown upwards. All had a good laugh. But the incident was known only to Anna and her family, plus the English tutor, Sydney Gibbs.

No written account of the incident appeared until Gibbs published his memoirs in the 1970's. Yet, Anna Anderson had been telling the anecdote for decades before. Her family were all dead, no one else knew but Gibbs, who considered Anna an impostor. How did she come by this knowledge, if not by actual participation in the event described?

The high priests of supposedly definitive DNA evidence cannot answer these questions. And so it is, too, with the high priests of Khazar DNA, like Kevin MacDonald. Like the "exposers" of Anna Anderson, MacDonald cannot explain the testimonies of the ancient chroniclers who all verified the conversion of the Khazar nobles and the gradual spreading of Judaism throughout the Khazar population.

He cannot explain the Khazar coins minted with the Hebrew inscription "Moses is the messenger of God". He cannot explain the Khazar burial mounds filled with Torah scrolls and menorahs. Nor can he explain away the wild red/reddish blond hair, the whte skin, the slant eyes, the high cheekbones, the thickened lips and the oversized ears which all match the physical description of the "white Khazars" chronicled by the Arab historians.

Still less can Kevin MacDonald explain how tens of thousands of Jews sharing these characteristics came to inhabit the heartland of the old Khazar empire, especially when there is no convincing evidence of a mass migration of either western Jews bearing these physical characteristics or Middle Eastern Jews bearing these physical characteristics. In short, Kevin MacDonald is simply proclaiming: "Aha! Franceska Sanchowzska!"

It is rather pitiful to see an otherwise erudite and very learned man jumping to hasty and ill informed conclusions on a highly sensitive and vitally important historical topic. It is akin to his infatuation with the pseudo-science of Darwinian evolution, another of Kevin MacDoanald's idiosyncracies which undermine his intellectual credentials.

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