Merah, bin Laden, and some doubts


About Mohamed Merah, we can be sure he is the perpetrator of Toulouse and Montauban. At least as safe as we are certain that bin Laden's body lying on the seabed.

How not to feel discomfort before the official version of events, in this election period? How not to make the comparison with September 11?
First is a series of points that have accumulated to generate doubt. Just as we arranged to remove the body of bin Laden, the facts show that Mohamed Merah, which could have been tried and imprisoned, was removed without the time to be allowed to speak. All he could tell men of RAID was transmitted to us in the mode of indirect speech.
In addition, Merah himself had provided information and photos of his travels to the DCRI (Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence). What has been told to Yves Bonnet, former head of secret services: "If he gives pictures is that it provides information, intelligence agencies are not interested in tourist images! "
In addition, there is talk of a double registration where Merah said, before being shot: "Why you kill me? I am innocent. "Note again that two days after the young man's death, some journalists, conservative, spoke of the" alleged murderer ".
Then there is the extraordinary similarity between the situation of President Sarkozy two months ago and President Bush before Sept. 11: both, at the lowest polling or loss of popularity, were reported beaten and sentenced to relinquish power. What happened there for Bush? The threat of terrorism produced a remarkable effect which allowed to reconstruct a sense of national unity, and he became the guarantor of this struggle in the eyes of the majority of the American electorate, obsessed by fear and desire for revenge against the obscure enemy.  

Sarkozy has learned its lesson, as this book, to a lesser extent it is true, to a highly publicized fight against the so-called Islamist circles. The people, led by his emotions rather than sound reflection, appreciate these punitive operations. The ideal target? A mixture of Islamist offenders more or less immigrants ... What pick up some votes in favor to the National Front. Observe also how Sarkozy's speech, immediately announced the death of Merah, took a turn for U.S.. In the U.S. 

Indeed, President of the French called the whole nation to bind against barbarism, and then he retired in style, with their backs to the cameras, and solemnly away.
Finally there are the predictable consequences of crime as the attack: a rise of Islamophobia, the possibility of suspecting every Muslim to be a potential terrorist. The young offender from the suburbs to "Salafi", the symbol Merah can now cover a wide range. All the press and the media have abounded in this sense, Merah has become "the fool of Allah," but also, the idle cities.
Let us be clear: crimes against victims of Toulouse and Montauban must be condemned in the most vivid. However, in a country of law, and moreover in a genuine republic, the facts must be analyzed objectively. The reason should come before the emotion. And it is unacceptable to a crime an electoral argument. Yet it is taking place and, unfortunately, this perversion of our democracies.
I forgot: the effect of September 11 is largely due to the diffusion loop of the collapse of the towers to make an impression before the horror of "Islamic terrorism". To know that the new scenario the best outcome, it will simply ensure that the recording of the murder of innocent resurface in one way or another.
So, before the horror of these images, it will not be allowed to have any doubts.
The hunt for culprits Muslims may flare.
The dead have to be quiet ...

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