Israeli 1972 Olympic Team Murdered in Munich: Remembering Black September

Who are the terrorists? Annihilation hovers over Palestine not Israel.

Elias Khoury, a Christian Arab, gazes at the church at Ikrit. (Globe Photo / Heidi Levine)
A half century ago, residents of two Christian villages in Israel, Ikrit and Biram, were told by Israeli soldiers to leave their homes and return in two weeks. But they have never been allowed back. On Christmas, they still attend services in the stone church that sits atop a barren hill surrounded by the modern kibbutz housing built over the old villages.

The Munich massacre is an informal name for events that occurred during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Bavaria in southern West Germany, when members of the Israeli Olympic team were taken hostage and eventually killed by the Palestinian group Black September. Shortly after the crisis began, the Palestinians demanded the release of 234 prisoners held in Israeli jails. Black September called the operation "Ikrit and Biram", after two Christian Palestinian villages whose inhabitants were expelled by the Haganah in 1948.
By the end of the ordeals, the kidnappers had killed eleven Israeli athletes and coaches and a West German police officer. Five of the eight members of Black September were killed by police officers during a failed rescue attempt. The three surviving assassins were captured, but later released by West Germany following the hijacking by Black September of a Lufthansa airliner. Israel retaliated to this incident on a massive level (what else is new?). Only three days later, Israel launched an air strike with a launch of around 75 aircraft, the largest one since the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Moreover, fighter bombers targeted Palestinians guerrilla members in Syria and Lebanon which killed nearly 66 while many other were badly injured. Besides this, three Syrian planes were also destroyed over the Golan Heights. All this action was called upon by the Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir who gave the instructions to kill the Palestinians who were involved in the Munich attack. These operations were called Operation Wrath of God and Operation Spring of Youth (such sinister code names by Satanists)  where the suspected Palestinians were spotted and killed by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, but historians object that it mainly picked innocent civilians to unleash a new wave on terror in Palestine.

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