Zombie IDF on the attack: Ramon Prison Occupied Palestine

Israeli soldiers stormed into, on Tuesday at night, the Ramon Prison and attacked Palestinian political prisoners; several injuries were reported.
Image By Wattan TV
Ramon prison fact: Israel humiliates and degrade the visiting wives, mothers and sisters of the detainees by obliging  them to be strip searched

Image By Wattan TV
The Wattan TV reported that clashes took place between the detainees and soldiers of the “Nachshon” brigade after dozens of them invaded section 4 of the prison and attacked a number of detainees; several injuries among the detainees were reported.

Fires also broke out in section 4 leading to damage and several injuries.

The army claimed that the soldiers wanted to search the rooms where 120 Palestinian political prisoners are held.

Palestinian Minister of Detainees, Issa Qaraqe’, stated that several detainees suffocated due to smoke inhalation while others suffered concussions and bruises after being attacked by the soldiers.

Qaraqe’ added that the Prison Administration shut the facility down, adding that the attack against the detainees is still ongoing.

He said that the Israeli Prison Administration is conducting these illegal attacks to punish the detainees for holding their most recent hunger strike.
Events put into context:

Detainees in Ramon Prison demand Israel to stop nude searches 

Tuesday March 31, 2009 11:05 by IMEMC & Agencies

Palestinian detainees imprisoned at the Ramon Israeli Prison voice an appeal to human rights groups in order to oblige Israel to stop the naked and provocative body searches practiced by the soldiers against them.

Detainees' Parents Protest - File, image by jerusalemites.com
The detainees stated that several days ago, they were undress in front of each other, while the soldiers insulted them and searched their rooms.
They added that the soldiers, and a special police unit, claimed that they were searching for “illegal materials” in the rooms.
The detainees also said that the army escalated its attacks against them recently, repeatedly broke into their room, searched them, and placed a number of detainees in solitary confinement.
They “Illegal materials” the army usually searches for are usually certain books and educational materials.
The Israeli Prison Administration decided recently to bar the entry of newspapers, and confiscated radios and TV sets.
The detainees voiced an appeal to human rights groups and the Red Cross to intervene and stop the Israeli violations and escalation against them.
Ramon Prison is located on the Egyptian borders. It is isolated and nearly out of reach, and is considered a punishment to the detainees and their families.

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