Clinton: Pressure on Iran will intensify

Reality check: Iran doesn't possess nuclear weapons; Israel does. Iran doesn't live off the sweat of our backs, Israel does.  Our government is not infested with Iranians, it is infested with Zionist Jews. Iran is not our threat. Israel and Zionist Jews are.

The US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, ended her short visit to Israel Monday night, July 16, by promising that the pressure on Iran to end its nuclear program would continue and be intensified. Addressing a news conference in Jerusalem after talks with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu, she said that the entire world shares an interest in averting a nuclear-armed Iran and US-Israeli cooperation on this issue is ongoing and on a nearly daily basis. “We all prefer an international solution,” she said, “but it is up to Tehran to make the right decision.” Asked if she would be willing to meet Bashar Assad, she said, “We are ready to do whatever is necessary to stop the bloodshed… The United States stands by the Kofi Annan proposals.” She said the US is only giving the rebels non-lethal equipment – not weapons.

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