I wish the Higgs Boson particle which accounts for the existence of mass was not discovered just now

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[admin disclaimer: I do not believe in aliens]

It's too early to guess what technologies will come from the Higgs Boson - but most certainly can determine which interests will control them.
I wish the Higgs Boson particle which accounts for the existence of mass was not discovered just now when Rothschild will determine control which possible technologies will be developed.
The Jewish banking dynasties like to buy up patents, they like to own science, through their corporation laboratories which are permitted to keep everything secret because of crazy international politics (also of Rothschild making) that generates the absurdity of the military secrets of the finanical-industrial-military-political conglomerate. Since the Manhattan Project of WWII and the Atomic Energy Commission since the beginning of the cold war -- military secrets have been the provence of the military, of the corporations that develop them and the banking families who own the corporations.
Speaking only to that small circle of individuals who generally share a common analysis of our situation -- we know they have kept weather system modification technologies (with secret applications of chemistry, physics and high-speed computing), weaponized them and are using them around the world for profit and geopolitical conquest.
There is no government or international government powerful enough to stop the Money Power crime families from taking this technology applying Higgs Bosons to elevate themselves to a Biblical "Let-there-be-such-and-such" creative and destructive omnipotence. There is a new quantum leap in the truth to the old saying, "What man can conceive, man can achieve." Unfortunately, in this universe where everything is relative to money, what man can achieve will first be weilded by the international banking interests.
I suspect that space travel far in advance of rocketry has been the property of Rothschild (through Baruch) since the taking of German science by both the US, Britain and Russia -- but all of it going to Rothschild because Rothschild had agents at the top in all three of those countries. The stories of space aliens told by George Adamski and others have been part of an operation to discredit the existence of real "flying saucer" hardware that has indeed been seen and photographed.
I further am convinced that age and death from old age has been eliminated -- possibly with the need to canibalize organic material from other organisms (including perhaps transplants).
I have often wondered, is our "Heavenly Father" one of a type that occurs in planetary evolution, shysterus plunderians, that promotes himself from banker to New God through the power of compound interest over science. The Higgs boson will become the slave of the New God -- and all of the chosen will serve under him -- until he creates for himself more efficient and satisfying henchmen and castes the nebechs aside.
Also, it is possible that the Higgs boson has been known for a while -- but has just been made public to justify getting scientists to exploit it. Possibly the science has been gathering dust on the shelf, until Rothschild power was consolidated sufficiently over all other centers of power that it could be assured that no one would be strong enough to take it away from them if they made it public and started to develop it. They definitely still need people to investigate it and find all of its implications and applications -- and to get that kind of project going requires partial disclosure. Scientists will work in compartmentalized areas -- only Rothschilds chosen scientific core will have the advantage of being able to cross compartments and fit it all together, to see the big picture of what is going on.
Although a more advanced non-Newtonian" method of relocating oneself from point A to point B may have been developed at Göttingen and secretly in America but not under American control -- they still, I think, needed the conventional space program based on unknown-to-us obsolete rocketry, because they still needed the development of space suits and space protected shielding and space envionment ergonomics -- to outfit their more advanced technologies perhaps originated by scientific teams led by Werner Heisenberg. Perhaps the best scientists went to the Soviet Union where they could be kept capitve and controlled more easily than in the ostenisbly freer society of Cold War America.
Someone knows whether I am right or wrong, and either way may or may not be preparing a pool of fire in which old populists like me can burn forever with new flesh appearing to suffer as the old burns away, thanks to the Higgs-boson.
At the bottom of the box containing pandemonium (all evils) opened by insatiably curious Pandora, in Hesoid's tale, was Elpis (hope). Perhaps its not too late to hope for a Prometheus so that common men may once again stand erect against Lord Rothschild.

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