Romney bombs in London, and can't wait to get to Jerusalem

 Haha! Romney is a hooiser and would naturally feel more at ease in the Zionist camp with other cretins. Now the choice is between another Zionist  bumbling clown who can't even fake it or a second term Zionist drone king. It is pathetic that we let the Jews put us in this position; choosing between idiot puppets that the Jews line up for us. I know they get a big kick out of humiliating us.

 Excerpt from Haaretz:
The Olympics interview wasn't the only gaffe Romney committed in London. Eyebrows were raised when in a meeting with the leader of the Labour Party, Ed Miliband, Romney called him "Mr Leader" and again when after his meeting with Cameron, he said that the two had discussed security issues and the situation in the Middle East, mentioning that the he had met also with the head of Britain's overseas intelligence service, MI6, Sir John Sawers, another breach of diplomatic protocol, as meetings with intelligence chiefs are not matters that politicians normally talk about in public. British political bloggers immediately took Romney to task for this, the Daily Telegraph's Peter Foster tweeting "Romney talks about his meetings with MI6 on steps on Downing St. Isn't it convention not to speak about these things?"

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