Syrian Defense Minister Killed in Terrorist Attack was a Christian

The aftermath of Christian churches ransacked by NATO-backed Syrian rebels
 War and politics from a left-Christian perspective:
The main thing you might take away from this report is that General Dawoud Rajiha, the Syrian defense minister killed Wednesday along with two other high-ranking officials, was a Greek Orthodox Christian. And of course the fact that his death is being cheered by Washington.

I have tried to make people aware of the outright lies being perpetrated by the mainstream media regarding the situation in Syria. In a post in February I discussed The Mainstream Media’s Changing M.O. , contending that in reporting on events in Syria, what we are seeing from the media is something completely new, a turning of reality on its head that is quite dramatic and unprecedented, even by mainstream media standards; in a post in early March I discussed a video featuring interviews with Syrian Christians who said they support their government and fear what will happen should it fall and the NATO terrorists take power; then in late April it was the seizure of a ship containing 150 tons of weapons destined for the terrorist gangs—almost simultaneously as Obama was yucking it up at the annual White House Correspondents Dinner; and on May 30 Getting to the Bottom of the Houla Massacre, in which I looked at some compelling evidence that the grisly atrocity was carried out not by the Syrian government but by NATO’s death squads; then on June 14, I re-posted an article by Thierry Meyssan on a plot to deliver a massive PSYOP upon the Syrian population by jamming Syrian TV and replacing its programming with studio shot images created by the CIA. The operation is ostensibly being run by a White House official named Ben Rhodes.

Is it conceivable that a whole population could be so convinced by an illusion they would go out into the streets of Damascus and surrender to NATO’s terrorists? One is of course reminded of the film Wag the Dog, churned out by Hollywood back in the 1990s. In it a Hollywood director conspires with a corrupt government official to create a fake war in Albania using nothing more than images and special effects. The war is being fought nowhere other than on a movie set—but it’s enough to fool the public. That the film would be a product of Jewish-run Hollywood is, well, not terribly surprising. And if the technology necessary to pull of such an illusion existed in the 1990s, how far might it have advanced by now?

Wikipedia describes Ben Rhodes as “the current deputy national security adviser for strategic communication.” A little more on him can be found here and here . Among other things we learn that he is an aspiring fiction writer, and that he also served a stint as an aide to former Congressman Lee Hamilton—along with Dan Shapiro, now US ambassador to Israel.

So do we have a case of something like reality, mirroring art, mirroring reality?

Hard to say. Maybe we’ll know a little bit more in another month.  

[Israel at this time has a huge stock of atomic weapons, thanks to our assistance. Israel also has major supplies of anthrax and other poison weapons, again, thanks to the assistance of the U.S. Government. These are the reasons that Israel will not allow atomic inspectors into Israel and will not sign the vaunted American pushed, Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty that America wants everyone else to sign, and uses pressure to achieve this, but never on Israel. As to the poison weapons, neither America nor Israel will sign this accord banning poison weapons because they have so many in their security vaults. Thus, to many experts in the world, the U.S. attack on Iraq for WMD and poison weapons, was very much a bald-faced farce, without merit, when two of the biggest abusers of atomic proliferation and poison weapons were the ones calling for the war, America and Israel.]

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