US respects sovereignty of no state

  This has always described Israel...are we their twin now?

The United States believes it is still the sole superpower and it respects no state's sovereignty, a prominent analysts tells Press TV.

“The US arrogance knows no limits, the US respects no one’s sovereignty, the US does not recognize international law be it Syria, be it Iran, be it Pakistan and be it any other country,” said strategic affairs analyst, Tariq Pirzada in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Sunday.

The United States calls Pakistan its non-NATO ally on the war on terror. However it has been violating the country’s sovereignty since 2006, because it believes that the Pakistan’s “economy and conventional force reaction” will never be to the point where they can challenge the authority of the United States, he added.

Washington continues its drone attacks on Pakistani tribal regions under the excuse of targeting Taliban militants, despite Islamabad’s repeated calls for an end to the strikes. This is while, Pakistani civilians are the main victims of the attacks.

The killing of the Pakistani civilians, including women and children, in the US drone strikes has strained the relations between the two allies, prompting Pakistani officials to send warnings to the US administration over the assaults.

Pirzad reiterated that the United States does not intend to restore normalcy and restore peace to the war-ravaged Afghanistan by extending the presence of its forces to another decade.

“Their presence is to keep their forces deployed, air and ground forces along Pakistan and Afghanistan border to continue to intervene in Pakistan, to continue to bombard Pakistan’s tribal areas and of course continue to dismantle Pakistan sovereignty,” he went on to say.

“The United States has become an international spoiler of peace. This is the reality at the present time,” Pirzad concluded.

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