Birobidjan, the only legitimate Jewish state still waits for her Jews

"Please send our Jews."
BIROBIDJAN, Russia – The 'Freud' Jewish community of Birobidjan has prepared what might be the biggest celebration of Chanukah to ever occur in the Jewish Autonomous Republic. Chief Rabbi of Birobidjan Mordechai Shainer and Chabad Lubavitch representative ot the region together with the Mayor of Birobidjan Alexander Binnikov, lit a giant public Menorah that will permanently be placed in the Birobidjan central square. This year's Festival of Lights features yet another Menorah will send light to a height of 210 meters, visible from any part of town and even kilometers beyond the city limits, this innovative structure has already been set up on one of the city's highest points. Attached to it is a tall TV-radio antenna, to which a projector has been affixed. Facing due east to symbolize the fire of the Chanukah candles, this pioneering Menorah resembles a light house for Russia's Far East region. Designed by Iosif Brener, a member of the local community, this structure features nine 500 watt lamps.
The mass media has already published a congratulatory message by the region's Governor, Nikolai Volkov, noting that Chanukah is the symbol of kindness and justice, like the victory of light over darkness. Apart from public candle-lighting ceremonies, this year's celebration will feature presentations by various artistic collectives run by the local Jewish community and the city's House of Culture.
The Jewish community of Birobidjan is one of the most active in the entire Russian Far East region, and a member of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia.
25 Kislev 5768

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