Google and Apple withdraw Al-Manar’s Web applications

Anti-Semitism (also spelled antisemitism) is a term and contemporary epithet which was originally invented in 1860 by a  Jew named Moritz Steinschneider, the son of a Talmudist born in Moravia. The main problem with the phrase "anti-semitism" is that most of the people who label themselves as "Jews" today, are not even descended from the populations which have been categorized as Semitic.  These Jews are not only genocidal, they are generally an insult.

BEIRUT: Google and Apple’s online stores have stopped offering the Web application for Al-Manar, Hezbollah’s television station.

The applications, which allow users to live stream the Al-Manar channel, were removed from the Google Play and iTunes Web stores, technology news website C-Net first reported late Tuesday. iTunes removed the application over the weekend with Google Play following suit two days later.

Al-Manar is designated as a terrorist organization by the United States government for its ties to Hezbollah, which the U.S. also considers a terrorist group. Associating with either organization is cause for denial of entry to the United States, and financial support for Hezbollah can lead to criminal prosecution.
Al-Manar promotes the applications on its homepage, where it is possible to watch a live-stream of the station.

C-Net reported that the Anti-Defamation League sent a letter of protest to Apple last Friday.
The Anti-Defamation League did not receive a response and does not know whether their efforts brought down the application, C-Net said. (sure, because ADL has no power)
The U.S. first banned Al-Manar in 2004 for its “terrorism” ties. France banned the channel the same year for anti-Semitic speech.

The U.S. has recently been increasing pressure on Hezbollah, claiming the armed political party is involved in South American drug smuggling and money laundering. ( a normal practice by US/Israel)  Press releases by the U.S. Justice Department claimed millions of dollars were being funneled to Lebanese banks and then laundered to the party ( but perfectly ok for Lehman Brothers' to ship 400 billion stolen dollars to Israel before it's collapse in 2008 (Bloomberg)...that's easy, just call the truth antisemitism and case is closed.)

The U.S. Justice Department has branded a number of Lebanese citizens terrorists and drug kingpins for their alleged involvement in the operation, and has been applying pressure to get the Lebanese Central Banks to tighten its control over money transfers.
Hezbollah officials, including leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah, have strongly denied the allegations, calling them “pure lies” to deface the image of the party and its resistance.

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