Humanitarian sociopaths

The world becomes more Orwellian every day. “Progressives” and “socialists (even “Communists”) claim to oppose imperialism, but they support the imperialist crusades against socialist governments like Syria, Iran, and Qaddafi’s Libya. In Venezuela, Communists oppose Hugo Chavez, who is a genuine socialist.

To be a “Leftist” and “progressive” today, you must support endless war, elitism, globalism, financial capitalism, and Too-Big-To-Fail banks. "Leftist" film maker Michael Moore fully supported the destruction of Libya, and the current destruction of Syria. He also adores Obama. If you denounce Moore for this, then "progressives" flame you.

To be “pro-Palestinian,” you must condemn Assad, the single biggest supporter of Palestinians (half a million of which live in Syria).
To be “anti-Zionist,” you must support Zionism by falsely claiming that Assad is propped up by evil Zionists.

The NATO terrorists in Libya denounced Qaddafi as a "Zionist." The terrorists in Syria denounce Assad as a "Zionist," while they beg Zionist Israel to bomb Assad. When the NATO-Israeli-GCC alliance unleashes its terrorists inside Iran, the terrorists will call Iran's government "Zionist." And idiot "progressives" will agree.  Those who oppose war with Iran today will suport war with Iran tomorrow, when the war is called "humanitarian."

If you are not a “progressive” in this perverted Orwellian fashion, then you are banned from right wing and left wing blogs alike.

Idiot “progressives” applauded Obama’s appointment of Korea’s Jim Yong Kim to head the World Bank on 1 July 2012 – just as they applauded the One Percent’s appointment of Korea’s Ban Ki Moon to head the UN General assembly.

The “Leftist” morons note that Jim Yong Kim is an “anthropologist.” They believe Kim when he says, “I want to eradicate poverty. I think that there’s a tremendous passion for that inside the World Bank.” The morons note that in 2002, Kim wrote a “Leftist” book titled, “Dying For Growth: Global Inequality and the Health of the Poor” (just as Obama published “The Audacity of Hope”).

Incredible, huh? The IMF and World Bank have one mission: to further empower the global One Percent, while impoverishing mankind with debt. If Christine Lagarde starts railing against Assad and Iran, then “progressives” will adore her too.

The One Percent appointed Kim to head the World Bank in keeping with the global strategy of Obama-fication. As bankers and the rich use austerity to crush the masses, and to maintain a permanent global depression, they install Obamas in all key posts. Obamas pretend to be “populists” and “humanitarians,” but in fact they are sociopaths who serve the One Percent. (An example is Francois Hollande, the “socialist” president of France.) Meanwhile all true humanitarians must be annihilated, e.g. Qaddafi, Assad, Hugo Chavez, etc.

The One Percent are sociopathic, and they easily spot their own kind. They watch people like Obama and Jim Yong Kim spout “humanitarian” rhetoric in order to advance in their early careers, knowing that once the Obamas get into top positions, they always do an about-face.

When the One Percent were preparing to install Francois Hollande as president of France, I commented on several blogs that Hollande would do an about-face the instant he took office. Most readers called me an idiot. I was, of course, correct.

In order to install these sociopathic Obamas into key positions, the One Percent supports opponents that the masses would never accept, e.g. Mitt Romney. This further sustains the illusion that the sociopathic Obamas are “humanitarian.”

Jim Yong Kim is a close personal friend of war-hag Hillary Clinton and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. He is a “pro-growth” neo-liberal who favors the “free market” scam. For him, it is “false charity” to give money to the world’s poor. “True generosity” means lending money to them (so they may be enslaved and impoverished by ever-compounding debt to the private bankers, who create money out of thin air). For Jim Yong Kim, the austerity scam, which is killing millions, is “harsh but necessary medicine.”

As soon as Jim Yong Kim was appointed to head the World Bank, he created $684 million out of thin air, and announced that he would lend it to build a new power transmission line that will supply electricity to Kenya from a controversial dam in Ethiopia. This will provide revenue to the government of Ethiopia, which is a U.S. puppet. Corporations will collect $684 million to build the power line, and the debt will be dumped on the Kenyan masses, so that they remain slaves. This is called “helping the poor.”

Idiot “progressives” note that Jim Yong Kim was a cofounder of  “Partners in Health,” which allegedly promotes medical self-sufficiency in Haiti. And yet, Jim Yong Kim supported President Bill Clinton’s forcing of Haiti to drop tariffs on imported subsidized U.S. rice.

This neoliberal policy destroyed Haitian rice farming, and seriously undercut Haiti’s ability to become a self-sufficient country. It also contributed to Haiti’s forced urbanization, which increased the death toll from Haiti’s earthquake on 12 Jan 2010.

Jim Yong Kim points to his work in Haiti as one of his proudest accomplishments. Clearly he fits right in at the World Bank.
And that makes him a darling of today’s idiot “progressives.”

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