Zionists Stealing Jerusalem Relics

This report is interesting as I was just listening to a Palestinian tell about how Moshe Dyan back in his day would go into Gaza and the West Bank and talk Palestinians into selling him relics (the Jews didn't know where they were or they would have just taken them) ...that there were helicopters that came and went filled with stuff everyday. They want to #1 claim the the relics for their own heritage and #2 make money by selling it to museums. The questions being, we all know Palestine has always had Jews....what is their point? Why are they always trying to prove the Jews even exist? The same reason they invented the term anti-semitism...the same reason they claim their ancestors invented Hummus and felafel...because they are NOT. These Jews are not THE Jews who were there. They were never there, they did not exist as who they say they are.

GAZA, (PIC)– The Palestinian government in Gaza has warned of the continued stealing of relics in occupied Jerusalem at the hands of the Israeli occupation authority (IOA).
The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Mohammad Agha charged in a press release that the IOA was seeking to strip the holy city of all its historical landmarks.
He said that the IOA is “moving at an accelerated pace to wipe out all the historical landmarks in the city,” stressing that the occupation’s stealing of those relics and delivering them to Israeli societies reflect “a flagrant disregard of the sanctity of those relics.”
Agha asserted that “these Israeli violations” reveal the true nature of the occupation and the extent of its grudge and hatred towards human history [because they sold their identities in order to steal the Palestinians only it is backfiring].
The Palestinian Minister of Tourism called on the whole world to “protect Jerusalem and its archaeological landmarks from the occupation’s crimes, which exceeded the limits and exceeded all international laws and norms.”

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